The Harry Potter Oscars Are This Sunday!

The Harry Potter Oscars Are This Sunday!

Would you rather watch the goofy and pretentious Academy Awards, or an awards show all about that Harry Potter movies? Because you clicked this, we know the answer. The amazing folks at the MuggleNet (The World #1 Harry Potter Site) are putting together the best counter-programming we can imagine: The Harry Potter Oscars. Beginning this Sunday at 1 pm (EST), the MuggleNet crew will be handing out awards to the best and brightest of the Potter films. It's perhaps the only award show this season that didn't nominate Anne Hathaway.

Who will win Best Performance by a Hogwarts Teacher? Which movie had the best script? Which scene not in the books is worthy of an award? Check out the list of categories and nominees and tune in Sunday to find out who wins.

As an added SparkLife bonus, I'll be presenting one of the awards on the show! Come for the Harry Potter fun, stay for the chance to see my beard!

Find all the details here! And a huge thanks to MuggleNet team for inviting me to the online event! ("Online event" means you don't need to wear pants, right?)

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