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Can You Be Too Old for Facebook?

Can You Be Too Old for Facebook?

Lying about your age on the internet isn't a new trend. But lately, it's been getting attention in ways you might not expect. Marguerite Joseph had to lie about her age to create a Facebook account because she's just too old for Facebook. Marguerite, who will turn 105 in April, has had to keep her age at 99 for the past several years due to a glitch in the system which changes her birthday from 1908 to 1928.

The elderly woman depends on her granddaughter to update her status for her and uses her Facebook to keep in touch with her relatives across the country. Facebook has issued a statement saying they're fixing the glitch, but we're still a bit curious about why they'd have an age cap in the first place.

Do you think there should be a Facebook age cap? If so, what should it be?

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