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Cabin Pressure Vs. Supernatural!

Cabin Pressure Vs. Supernatural!


Hey Sparklers! Today we are putting a television show and a radio show up against each other in order to see who comes out victorious!  (psst…I’ll give y’all a hint.  The television show wins.)  So, without further ado…let us present CABIN PRESSURE VS. SUPERNATURAL.

Metalhead on Cabin Pressure:

Dearest Kaiti,

I have one thing to say: Supernatural. Pshhh. I think I can top that. And with a RADIO show, no less.

Of course, this is no ordinary radio show. This is BBC Radio 4's epic story Cabin Pressure, the tale of a brave airline captain, his wise first officer, the optimistic steward, and the stingy airline owner. Okay, let me rephrase that:

...BBC Radio 4's hilarious comedy Cabin Pressure, the tale of the world's most incompetent airline. For MJN (My Jet Now) Air, no job is too small, but many, many jobs are too difficult. Here are the reasons why it trumps Supernatural and nearly every other television show out there.

-The plotline is just great. Carolyn Knapp-Shappey receives a jet in a divorce settlement and decides to start an airline with it. She hires Captain Martin Crieff (Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, THAT Benedict Cumberbatch), a man who has always wanted to be an airplane pilot.  Even though it took him seven tries to get his license, Martin takes great pride in his position and enjoys using his power to belittle his much older copilot, Douglas Richardson. Douglas is very annoyed at the much younger Martin bossing him around and frequently peppers him with awesome sarcasm and wisecracks. Taking care of cabin duties is Carolyn's 29-year-old son, Arthur (John Finnemore, who also writes the series), a dim-witted but well-meaning steward. .

-Every episode presents a rather interesting problem. In the first season alone, Martin, Douglas, and Arthur must deal with a fierce cat in the cargo hold, a passenger who'd rather die than obey the no-smoking signs, a beautiful but incredibly picky film star, a right old bugger of an airfield manager, an old man who tips more the more you suck up to him, and an incredibly rainy day.

-I mentioned Benedict Cumberbatch, didn't I? Yes, everyone's favorite super arrogant genius detective was bringing his voice talents to Cabin Pressure long before Sherlock.

-Douglas's wisecracks. No matter what Martin has to say, Douglas has something to cut in with.

-Arthur. Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is always great, but everyone's favorite Cabin Pressure character is always Arthur Shappey, the steward, who (a) has no filter and (b) has no knowledge. "I just live for that moment when twelve tons of metal leaves the earth...and no one knows why!" he says about takeoffs. He's also the proud discoverer of Fizzy Yogurt (recipe: yogurt plus time).

-Douglas and Martin's cockpit games. To keep from being bored on long flights, the pilot and copilot come up with many ways to pass the time. They especially like to make lists. People named Brian who live in the UK. Books that sound more interesting with the final letter knocked off (The Da Vinci Cod, A Wrinkle In Tim, and Of Mice and Me come to mind).

There you have it. The audio-only, endlessly quotable adventures of Martin, Douglas, Arthur, Carolyn, and their jet. Sadly, I could only find Series 2 for your listening pleasure ( but if you have $9, I highly recommend you hit up iTunes and blow it on Series 1. You won't regret it.

Crazywritergirl on Supernatural:

I wrote some poems to sway you to my side (the right side).

Roses are red

Violets are blue (actually…it’s kind of an extra-purple-indigo thing)

Supernatural is so awesome that I wrote this poem

And a haiku:


Is five syllables long.  Wow,

I guess this ends now.

Okay, as of five seconds ago, I decided that I was going to write this entire article in verse.  You are welcome.  Let's do this by character.


Dean Winchester is wonderful.

You can try all your life and you will never be quite

As fabulous and badass and awesome-full.

If you watch Supernatural obessisively enough you might

Start to notice that Dean is a princess.

He really is

He is smart and beautiful and not all business.

He really has a soft side, although it is

True that he does have a knack

For starting the apocalypse (now I’ll need a rhyme

For “apocalypse”) In order to stop it he had to come back

From hell (but that’s an anecdote for another time)

You know what guys?  Poems are hard.  I quit this.  Let me just give you examples of why the characters are all amazing.

Dean is amazing because:

- He hunts monsters and demons and stops the apocalypse and eats junk food with Death and stuff. That’s pretty awesome.

He drives a ’67 Chevy Impala.  Can any of you top that?  I sure can’t.  I drive a Prius.

He dresses fabulously.  Some people may not like the same-jeans-that-I-wore-for-the-last-seven-seasons-and-sixty-million-layers-of-shirts look, but Dean pulls it off in the sexiest way possible.

THE MAN HAS A FREAKISHLY HIGH PHYSICAL PAIN TOLERANCE. Getting the living crap beaten out of him every other episode, hobbling around on fractured legs, grunting in a “well-isn’t-this-unfortunate” fashion while staring down guns, hot pokers, hungry creatures, and the like…it all speaks to the man’s (slightly unrealistic) bravado.

Emotional pain tolerance…not so much.  Dean really lets problems of the emotional sort get to him.  Especially when it concerns the people (and angels) he loves.  DAWWWW….so cute.

He is a little geek at heart. Between larping and making uncountable TV and movie references, Dean shows you how a person can really keep up with things and kill stuff at the same time.

Sam is amazing because:

He is a Winchester…that automatically makes you amazing.

Who knew that something taller than your average giraffe could also be a cute little cupcake man? It’s a paradox guys…an absolute paradox!

He puts up with everything.  If my brother dragged me all over the place to eat nasty food and live in icky motels and almost die every other day, I think I would have killed him.  Sammy just seems to grow closer and closer to Dean…AHH SO CUTE.

He’s such a sweetheart. Sam has so much empathy, it’s just amazing (except when he loses his soul…let’s not talk about that).

He is the bravest darn thing in the universe.  “Of course, I’ll poke around in the garage full of power tools and an angry spirit!  Sure, I’ll just have a nice little chat with Satan!  Heck yah, I’ll jump into hell!”  These are the thought processes of an incredibly brave (or possibly psychotic) man.

He cares about your problems.  It doesn’t matter if he’s been shot or is seeing Satan in his mind or anything, all Sammy wants to do is talk about your feelings.

Castiel is amazing because:

He’s an angel. That’s fabulous.

He’s a REBELLIOUS angel (fabulous-squared).

He is absolutely hilarious. Cas is the most clueless little angel in the universe.  Pop culture references…don’t get them.  Sarcasm…doesn’t get it either.  It’s absolutely adorable.

Destiel. That is all.

He is super loyal to Sam and Dean and it’s just awesome.

Before we go, six ½ other things that make Supernatural amazing:

The episode titles. (Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, Man’s Best Friend with Benefits, etc.)

Lucifer. I should probably feel bad for saying this…but Satan is just a scream.

Demons in general. Demons are funny little bastards.

The music. Supernatural has influenced my newfound love of classic rock.  I can’t get enough of it.  Sometimes when I am alone in my dorky little car, I like to turn on the radio really loud and pretend I am Dean Winchester.

All the other characters (most of whom seem to keep dying on me).  Bobby, Gabriel, Crowley, Garth, Kevin, Ellen, Jo, Samandriel. Basically, if you were a character on Supernatural who had a personality and wasn’t a total jerk, I loved you.

The actors who play these awesome characters.  I just love them all.

That’s it people!  There will be no back-and-forth for three reasons.

1.)          This article is very long…

2.)          We did a terrible job with the back and forth.  No organization at all.

3.)          Crazywritergirl is lazy.

So, Supernatural or Cabin Pressure?  Comment below!

Also, if you have any ideas for future debates, let us know!

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