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11 Signs that you are Obsessed with the Doctor

Before I start my article, I just wanted to say something. I have only been a Whovian for a few months now. But despite that, it’s had such a great impact on me that I’ve actually done/gone through all of the items mentioned below at some point or on another. My point? If you aren’t a Whovian yet…go watch it! The show’s completely fantastic!

So, without further ado…the signs that you are obsessed with that timey-wimey show on BBC (in no particular order)

*WARNING: Many Doctor Who references follow!*

1)      When you have a dream about traveling with the Doctor, it immediately becomes the best dream you’ve ever had, even if you don’t even remember the full details. This happened to me once. I went on a trip with Nine, and I helped save the world.  He was fantastic. And so was I. : ) (10 Doctor points if you got that reference)

 2)      If you see someone wearing a bowtie, you immediately think they are amazing. Especially if your crush walks into school wearing a blue shirt and a bowtie, you don’t care if they say they’re dressed as some doctor from Bucknell. You immediately think that they are wearing a “TARDIS blue” shirt with a bowtie, and secretly trying to reference the Doctor. Or if you see some random kid on the bus with a bowtie on, you make sure that you compliment them by saying “Nice bowtie!Bowties are cool.” Even if it makes them stare at you strangely.

 3)      You have been known to use the adjective “Fantastic!” excessively, and frequently find yourself saying “Allons-y!” or “GERONIMO!” And, inevitably, attracting stares. But who cares? When the Doctor comes, you KNOW that he’ll choose you.

 4)      You find yourself constantly making Doctor Who references. Whether it’s telling your friends that apples are rubbish (even when they KNOW it’s your favorite fruit) or saying “Are you my mummy?” in World History when you discuss the use of gas masks in World War I, this is actually rather entertaining. Especially when it causes your Chemistry teacher a great deal of concern because you and your friend stand in front of his classroom after lunch quoting “wibbly wobbly timey wimey ball of stuff” just as he walks up to unlock his classroom.

 5)      You are willing to do nearly anything to watch the next episodes. Even if it means sneaking onto your mother’s Amazon Prime account to watch, staying up late into the night (I’ve gone past midnight once or twice), and then making sure to clear the browsing history so she doesn’t see.

 6)      You constantly find a way to see everything as something to do with the Doctor. So if your teacher assigns an engineering project, you immediately want to build the vehicle in the shape of the TARDIS. If your mother offers you a choice between bananas and pears, you will practically jump on the banana, even if you like pears more.

 7)      You are seriously willing to move to England, just so you can try out to be an extra in the show, just in case the directors see your true talent and by some miracle end up casting you as the next companion. I’m not even joking. Even being on the set of Doctor Who in the first place would be amazing.

      You are constantly trying to educate the children of America about the epicness of Doctor Who. When the 3-year-old preschooler you take care of is playing with Play-Doh, you make a Dalek and act like you’re making it go after the boy, saying “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” When the aforementioned kid wants to play with the dry beans, you look at him sternly and say “Beans are evil. Bad, bad beans.”

 9)      For some reason, all of the drawings when you’re bored tend to involve the following:

The Doctor


A companion

A Dalek

A fez

A bowtie

A sonic screwdriver

A banana

The catchphrases and other details involved with each of those items. And this only started once you started watching.

 10)   You frequently find yourself wishing that the TARDIS would show up, the Doctor would step out, and you would be saved from the plague that is homework. Or cleaning up your room. Or attempting to entertain your sibling. Or…pretty much anything else. I mean, come on? What beats traveling in the TARDIS with the Doctor himself?!

 And the final reason for this post is…*drumroll, please*…

 11)   You spend all of your free time, or time that you’re supposed to be doing “homework”, on Doctor Who.  Whether it’s watching the actual episodes or stalking photos of the Doctor, this is the best way to spend any afternoon. And the fan videos, interviews, and other Youtube videos on the Doctor are absolutely brilliant, too!


So there you have it. This is my list, and if you didn’t get it yet…I have eleven items because there are eleven regenerations of the Doctor. Clever, aren’t I? And remember…I have actually done every single one of the things on this list. None of it is fake.

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We want the whole world to see the awesomeness of being a Whovian!

This is Radha, saying “Allons-y to the TV! Doctor Who may be on!” (The first part rhymed! You’ve got to give me credit for that). And now…it was really quite lovely talking to you, but I really must be go—GERONIMO! *falls out of chair*

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