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100 Ways to Flirt With Guys

100 Ways to Flirt With Guys

Flirting is difficult. With the wrong nod of the head, or the incorrect wink of an eye, a flirt can turn devolve into just a regular conversation. Or worse, you could be seen as awkward. Luckily, there are 100 sure-fire ways to flirt that will win over the heart of any crush. Take notes and true love will be yours faster than you can say, “I do.”

100. Giggle.

99. Giggle and lick your lips.

98. Giggle, lick your lips, and then rub your belly all over.

97. Say things like, “’re really strong and good,” and, “Sometimes I wish I was your shirt so I could hug you all day. Your shirt is so lucky. [sigh]”

96. Flirt by playing with your hair. (Games like Tic-Tac-Toe are easy as the hair can quickly be formed into X's and O’s on a sheet of notebook paper. You may also make hair dolls and hair bracelets!)

95. Hide from your crush whenever they are near. This adds mystery to your blossoming relationship. If your crush spots you hiding, yelp and run. But run in a sassy, sexy, playful manner. Crying is okay, but only if it’s sexy crying.

94. If your crush sees you crying and asks what’s wrong, just giggle forcefully to ease the tension. Then mention how lucky his shirt is. Then run. Better yet, skip! Skipping, even if you're crying and giggling, will make you seem free-spirited!

93. Send a funny text message. But you don’t want your message to get lost in a sea of other messages, so send it when he’s least likely to receive messages. 3:19 am on a Tuesday is perfect! Then send it again at 4:19 am to make sure he got it. Send it to his parents as well. That way, you’ll be the topic of conversation at breakfast! Yay!

92. Flirt with someone at a bookstore by slapping the book out of their hands and whispering, “Books are word prisons!” Then karate chop the air and saunter away.

91. Brag! Bragging is great and sexy!!!!

90. Ask to borrow a pencil. Then use the pencil to write, “I own bras. Not kidding,” on a sheet of paper. Then casually point to the phrase with the borrowed pencil. Wink with both eyes!

89. Eat an apple in front of your crush, only using your eyes.

88. Fall down a lot, hoping someone hot will help you up. (Wear pads a helmet!)

87. Snorting is extreme giggling, and thus is considered extreme flirting.

86. Play footsie, but don’t keep score. That ruins it.

85. Sit behind your crush and try to touch his hair with your tongue without having him notice. It’s harder than you think. (But oh so worth it!)

84. Make a deal with a ghost: If the ghost haunts your crush until he falls in love with you, you will help the ghost solve his own murder.

83. Tell your crush about this whole ghost deal.

82. Send your flirt partner this article in an email with the subject line “Mmmmmm.”

81. Give your handsome stranger a scrambled Rubik’s Cube that, once solved, spells out the words, “We can sex if you want!”

80. Flirt with your knees and scalp.

79. Flirt with a made up language that’s based on hand noises.

78. Place a spider on your cheek and approach your handsome stranger. This will help initiate some flirty face touching.

77. Tell your crush all about the wedding you've planned in your head. This helps him know you’re serious and will certainly take things to the next level.

76. Flirt via whispers...while he’s napping.

75. To flirt in a crowded elevator, lean into your flirt partner and press your nose into his jacket. When he asks what you’re doing, say, “I need to filter out the fart smell. Your jacket smells nice. It’s like anti-fart.”

74. Run for Congress. During the campaign, drop hints that you may need a date to the victory party.

73. Start an inside joke with your flirt partner.

72. If you don’t know how to start an inside joke, pour blue paint on your head while singing “Happy Birthday.” A few days later, smile and ask your crush, “Remember when I poured paint on my head and sang? Haha...that was so bonkers, right? Kiss?”

71. It’s easy to flirt if you’re famous. Become famous.

70. Produce enough sweat that it’s dripping off your body, then flirt by saying, “I'm kind of a cloud.”

69. Give your crush a half a $100 bill and say, “Want the other half? Come and get it.” Then swallow the other half.

68. Flirt with someone else. This causes jealousy, and jealousy always leads to love, and never causes drama or tension.

67. To flirt during a road trip, tell everyone you have to use the bathroom. When they reach a rest stop, lean over to your crush, point to the bathroom, and whisper, “I’m going to be half-naked in there.” That’s totally erotic and not scary-weird.

66. Name each of his eyelashes and then speak to them directly.

65. The second best way to flirt during class is by passing a note. The best way to flirt during class is by passing a bra.

64. Posting silly photos on his Facebook wall while he’s out of town is easy and fun, but posting silly photos on his bedroom wall is more effective.

63. Make him a dessert. If you lack cooking skills, just pour sugar on your shoulder and tell him it’s a new trendy dessert called “French Skin.”

62. Carve your name into his car or house. But only when he’s looking. (You don’t want someone else to get the credit!)

61. Buy new shoes and ask your flirt partner, “Wanna see how high I can jump in my new kicks?” If he doesn’t care, jump as high as you can. That’ll show him!

60. Let your eyes do the flirting, by using tears to write him love notes.

59. The way you play an instrument can be very sensual and flirtations. For instance, try playing the harp with your tongue.

58. If flirting makes you nervous, do it with your eyes closed tight and ears plugged up.

57. Wear a wedding gown. (But nothing too fancy.)

56. Punctuate everything you say with, “Know-what-I-mean, stinky bean!”

55. Flirt with your belly button and whatever voice you feel your belly button would have.

54. Add some romance and flirtation to a high-five by immediately smelling your hand after it’s completed.

53. Go green! Flirting can also be environmentally friendly. Tell your flirt-mate he can save water by using your own tears of joy as a shower! And instead of plastic grocery bags, use a cloth bag you made from his used tissues.

52. Trading books back and forth is a fun way to flirt. Select titles carefully. Stay away from non-romantic books like Catcher in the Rye and stick with lovey-dovey books like The Notebook or the phone book with your address and number highlighted in pink and all other numbers blacked out with marker.

51. Don’t blink. If you blink, you may miss something flirty!

50. If your crush is chewing on the end of a pencil, chew on the other side until you meet in the middle, Lady and the Tramp style.

49. It’s hard to tell if someone is flirting with you or just being nice, so it’s best to analyze every detail for hours and hours until you figure it out. Go ahead and lose a few nights' sleep as you decipher the flirting. It will be worth it.

48. Flirting while exercising is easy if you choose the right activity, such as leap frogging.

47. If you’re already in a relationship, but still want to flirt with someone else, go ahead! Nothing bad can come of this. Yep, this will endly splendidly for all!

46. Flirt with your roller skate stopper.

45. Flirt at a coffee shop by buying your crush a drink and then stirring it with your pinky.

44. Flirt in line at the movie theater by casually saying, “So...I’m pretty good at hugs. Yep.”

43. Study together, and say you really need help with your anatomy homework. Then learn about the circulatory system because that’s difficult and you will need to study for the exam. Then make out...somehow.

42. Ask him questions. Guys like that. Here are some examples:
What are your hobbies?
What’s your favorite food?
What movie do you really want to see?
Wanna taste my mouth?
Have you ever been to Europe?
Did you know I own real bras?

41. Flirt with your eyelashes by lining up your old eyelashes so they spell, “Date my entire body!?!?”

40. Flirt by being mean to him until he falls in love with you. This will work. Just keep at it and never be nice. If he cries, it’s a clear sign that it’s working.

39. Flirt by buying him a boat or museum membership.

38. Flick a rubber band at his face. Boys love that! Feels good.

37. Buy him a bouquet of roses. He won’t want it, so then you say, “I’ll take them if you don’t want them.” And then that counts as him giving you flowers. Awww!

36. Spoil all the movies for him so you won’t have to waste time going to movies. You can just make out!!!

35. Having a handsome man teach you the proper form for swinging a tennis racquet can be very flirtatious. If you don’t play tennis, have him teach you the proper form for swinging a fly swatter.

34. Tell your flirting partner, “I think you're sexy. We should date and kiss.”

33. Flirt by putting a dollop of mustard on your lip and walk around waiting for Prince Charming to seductively wipe it off.

32. Flirt with a cashier by buying sexy, sexy things like bras and 50 Shades of Grey. Then give him a thumbs up that lasts 30 seconds.

31. Flirt with a dog owner by asking, “What kind of dog is she?” and follow up with, “Does your dog bark when you kiss strangers? Wanna see what my mouth tastes like?” Then thumbs up your way to a smooch!

30. Flirt over Twitter and text messaging by blaming autocorrect. Example: “Tim, I like your butt and muscles. Oops. Sorry. Autocorrect changed that. Meant to say, I like your friendship and kindness.”

29. End every email with a romantic quote from your favorite author. Example: “I wrenched the door out of my way — ridiculously eager — and there he was, my personal miracle.” - Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse

28. Use goofy humor to flirt. “You know what I like best about the word ‘fruit’? You and I are together.” And then add, “Get it!?” while clapping.

27. Flirt by ending everything you say with, “Bloopy boop!” That’s hot!

26. Flirt with someone at the grocery store by winking and then karate chop the air. Then say, “Yeah. I thought so...” and walk away. (Let him come to you!)

25. Flirt by offering him a piece of gum. If he accepts the offer, take the gum out of your mouth and cram it into his mouth.

24. Just walk up to an attractive stranger and say, “What?!?”

23. Mention your bra.

22. Write your crushes name on your hand and then when you see your crush, say, “Your name is Pete Robertson? That’s so weird! That’s my hand’s name too! See!” Remember: This isn’t weird because it’s about love. You may want to mention that.

21. If you spot someone hot who is riding a bike, mock them by saying, “That’s a funny looking car.” Then drive away and never see that person again.

20. Fight over something very petty like: Which Harry Potter spell is the best. Stand firm and do not compromise. Though your relationship will never come to fruition due to your stubbornness, at least he’ll know that the Patronus spell is all flash and not really that great.

19. Bake him a salad.

18. Drop a pencil and slowly bend over to pick it up, giving your crush a great view of your butt. Then stand upright, turn around and whisper, “I saw that, mister.” Then scream, “Security!” Then press charges, because you are NOT a piece of meat! Then drop the changes to show your crush that you care.

17. A good flirt knows how to use double entendres. For instance, you can make the phrase, “I’d like to ride in your car,” sound sexual simply by winking and then adding, “I mean sex stuff.”

16. Guys don’t like being kicked. Don’t kick guys.

15. Flirt with a good-looking waiter by saying, “Are you on the menu!?” And then use drinking straws as walrus tusks. Then karate chop the air and give him a 30-second thumbs up.

14. Karate chop the air.

13. Walk up to a handsome stranger, touch his arm, and whisper, “Tag.” Then run to base and await love.

12. Guys like an intelligent girl, so walk around with a microscope and a dictionary wherever you go.

11. Dig a big hole. When a hot guy falls into the hole offer him a rope. Once rescued, he will be grateful and marry you. If a total loser falls into the hole, you will have to marry him instead, so be careful.

10. Flirt with your ankles.

9. Begin a conversation with a stranger by complementing their clothes and proud wizarding heritage.

8. Share an umbrella by sitting on his shoulders.

7. To get closer to someone’s face, lie and say you’re a dentist.

6. Read your diary out loud during lunch.

5. Write your phone number on his hand. (Works best when he’s sleeping.)

4. Find out if he’s interested in getting dinner with you by asking seemingly platonic questions such as:
Are you hungry?
Did you eat yet?
Are you ticklish?

3. You can pretend you're scared in hopes that your flirt partner will walk home with you. For instance, you could say, “I’m afraid of goblins!” Then cry hysterically so he knows you’re serious. Vomiting really sells your fear.

2. Blow him a kiss. If he doesn’t catch it, kick him a kiss.

1. Stomp on his shoes until he loves you.

(Editor’s Note: Dan’s original list was only about bras and had to be rewritten four times.)

Will these tips lead to love? And for the guys out there, check out our list of 100 Ways to Flirt With Girls. (You're welcome!)

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