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Changes to the Sparkler Post Policy

Changes to the Sparkler Post Policy

When we asked the Sparklers to contribute and write their own posts, we had no idea how many thoughtful, witty, and talented writers were out there! Sparkler Posts are an amazing part of SparkLife and you’ll see more and more Sparkler Posts landing on the SparkLife homepage soon. But we need to tweak the Sparkler Post policy to better organize the articles and keep the SparkLife homepage fresh, fun, welcoming, and diverse.

SparkLife is, and always will be, a place for funny, awesome posts on geeky stuff, pop culture, awkwardness, flirting, and anything and everything high-school related. We cover it all and our assortment of articles make SparkLife, well, Sparklife. In recent weeks, a series of religious Sparkler Posts have taken over the SparkLife homepage. While we always encourage you to express your feelings, we need to make editorial decisions about what appears on the front page...because that’s what editors do! We make editorial decisions. We're allowed. It says so on our Editor Licenses!

The new policy regarding Sparkler Posts is as follows:
Write a post! If it’s popular with readers (meaning, it receives votes), then it can potentially graduate from the Sparkler Post page and land on the SparkLife homepage! However, before showing up on the homepage, an editor will look it over to make sure (a) the post isn’t spam, hateful, or otherwise malicious and (b) it’s inline with the SparkLife attitude and voice.

Why are we sticking our editor noses in? It's not entirely about controversial issues such as religion. We have covered controversial issues in our usual SparkLife manner, and will continue to do so when the need arises. Religion aside, consider the following. Suddenly a group of people start writing posts about ostriches, and then all ostrich enthusiasts start upvoting those stories. Such stories would overtake the SparkLife homepage, turning a site that was formerly filled with a wide variety of stories, into just another ostrich webzone.

Can you see the potential problem?

Under the new policy, all the wonderful ostrich stories will still be on the popular Sparkler Post page, where they can be read by billions. But depending on our editorial oversight, these stories may or may not be featured on the SparkLife homepage.

Make sense?

Some may object, but such is the world of publishing, and anyone wishing to become a professional writer or editor (which has happened to a few former Sparklers...and will happen to many, many more!) needs to understand that the editor is always right. In any media outlet, it’s the job of an editor to examine a story and decide if it’s a good fit for a particular website, newspaper, or magazine. We love your ideas; we just want to find the right place for them.

Wait! Don’t run! We don’t want to squash your dreams of SparkLife stardom! To help encourage more Sparkler Posts, here are a few ideas that you can tackle.

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Or write about anything. Sparkler Posts are your playground! Have fun! We dare you!

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