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Adorable Sea Otter Is Also Crackerjack Hoops Star

Adorable Sea Otter Is Also Crackerjack Hoops Star

Last week, the world was in a flutter because of 2-year-old Titus Ashby, the toddler who can shoot three-pointers like a central forward hot-shot-popping hoops star. Or something. I don’t know how to write about basketball.

Everyone was impressed. Everyone, that is, except Eddie The Sea Otter, who has the best dunk this side of the Miami Heat (or something) and to be quite frank, has a much better scoring average than little Titus. If we’re going to be honest, Titus misses a lot, and just kind of flings the ball at the hoop. Eddie The Shoop-Hoop-De-Looping Baller never misses, and as you see in the video, is much more calculated in his game.

Eddie’s trainers taught him to play basketball when they decided some physical activity would help assuage his arthritis pain. (You can’t tell from his boyish good looks, but Eddie is almost 16, which in Sea Otter years is considered “geriatric.”) According to one trainer, he picked up the sport pretty easily. “Eddie almost never misses,” she said. “And if he does miss, he keeps going until he makes it.”

A lesson for us all. I’M CRYING.

Watching this video is like watching a fish learn to fly, or Jesus walk on water, or, well, it’s just way better than watching Titus Ashby shoot basketball hoops. It’s inspiring. If a sea otter can shoot like this, I think it’s time we all step up our game. Pressure is on, humans. Get up off your bum and do something fantastic. Eddie has just raised the bar.

Also, can we have a moment to SQUEEEEEEE?! Babies may be cute, but Eddie is way cuter. I just want to pick him up and put him in my armpits and rub my cheeks on his nose and bake him in a little Eddie pie and eat him all up and lick my fingers! (Too far?)

Is Eddie your new favorite otter? If not, may be we so forward as to ask who is, you cold-hearted, basketball-hating, other-otter lover?

Via CNN and Buzzfeed

Is Eddie the Otter your new favorite otter? If he's not, may we be so forward as to ask who your favorite otter is, you cold-hearted other-otter lover?

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