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A Call for Peace

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A Call for Peace

I rarely ever comment. I'm basically just a Splurker. And I've been watching the war go on here with The Fellowship (Fellows) and the Anti-Fellowshippers (Antis). And I am writing to have a call for peace.

And to make this entirely unbiased, I am not going to tell you whether I am Christian or not. But I am writing this with someone who is the opposite of what I am. (If I'm not Christian, she is. Make sense?) So both opinions are being heard here.

Let's cut to the chase.

Without mentioning any names, some Antis have been basically telling the Fellows that they need to get off the website because religion isn't welcome here. When confronted with this they quickly backpedal and say, "We didn't say anything of the sort! Why do you keep accusing us of doing so?" When in reality, whether you intended it to sound that way or not, that's exactly what you said. We would all appreciate it if this war could end, and we could focus on the more important issue at hand.

Another quick note. A lot of Antis are such because they believe religion is going to turn this place into a battlefield. Ironically, they profess this so loudly that they HAVE turned it into one. So if you're an Anti, ask yourself why. Then ask yourself if you're really protesting the building of the fire, or dumping firewood and gasoline on it as fast as you can.

Now to talk to the Fellows. Guys, I know you mean well. In fact, I support people who want to share their beliefs 100%. I think it's cool that you guys aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe in. However, a little common sense is needed. Instead of snapping back at the people who use oxymoron arguments, stop directing your arguments at them and focus on the real issue: should religion be allowed on Sparknotes be allowed? We now have a war going on about whether or not the Antis really said that you guys aren't welcome. And that's not what the real issue here is.

To be honest, what did you expect? Religion is a nasty mess of opinions that doesn't really go well with this website. I can just see the Sparkitors getting into a food fight right now over whether or not they should stop this thing. I doubt even they can agree. So bringing religion on here might not have been the smartest plan.

I think I just offended everyone. Well, so be it. We all need a slap in the face and a chance to look at logic.

Now that we have everyone all offended and reaching for the Punishment Salmon, we can get down to work and rebuild our carefully constructed kingdom of Sparknotes from scratch. Let's think of the basic principles of this website.

1. Love of books, literature, and nerdom/geekdom.

2. A non-judging, happy enviroment where everyone feels at home.

3. Laughter and enjoyment.

Of course there are more, but these are the basics. And I'm afraid that we've lost the last two already. And I propose a plan for getting them back.

I'm afraid step one has to be getting rid of the problem. From this point onward, we're going to avoid religion. At least for a few months to let tempers cool down. Step two is a bit harder. We're going to forget what people have said (possibly impulsively) during these arguments. True, we may never look at certain people the same way again. But you don't have to bring up anything they said or publicly hold them against it. Agreed?

Sparklers are amazing. I know that working together we can end this problem. So Fellows and Antis alike, raise your swords together. I propose a toast to all of you. From this point onward, we march under the same banner. We fight in the same colors. We are the brave. We are the awesomesauce.

We are the Sparklers.

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