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Mumford and Sons vs. The Lumineers

Mumford and Sons vs. The Lumineers

This is not the place to say, “I can’t choose.” You have to pick one. With the modern folk movement taking over our ears, now is the time to stand up and say which folky-rock band you prefer. To help you decide, take a listen to the tracks below. And listen objectively, if you can. This decision matters!

First up, Mumford and Sons. You can’t deny the catchy, jangly sounds are pretty smooth on the earholes. But do they have what it takes to beat The Lumineers? Take a listen to their song “I Will Wait.” We'll wait. (See what we did there?)

Next up, the Lumineers. While they may not have as large (or as rabid) a fanbase, or the impressive catalog of hits that Mumford and Sons have (aren’t there, like, 309 Mumford songs on the Top 100?), the song “Ho Hey” is good and hasn’t yet turned annoying, much to the surprise of many snobby critics. And they can wear the hell out of those suspenders without looking like dorks.

So where do you stand? Think carefully, as your decision will go on your permanent record and may be used to mock you in about 20 years when both bands are nearly forgotten.

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