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5 Reasons Rebuilding the Titanic Is a Bad Idea

5 Reasons Rebuilding the Titanic Is a Bad Idea

Did you know that some idiot Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is rebuilding the Titanic? Well, now you do. Yep, a Chinese shipyard is building an exact replica of the Titanic (to be called, creatively, Titanic II). The ship is set to repeat the Titanic's original voyage from Southampton to New York City sometime in 2016, and already thousands of people are lining up to buy tickets. Now, maybe it's just us, but this sounds like a really bad idea, and here's why:

  1. They're just asking for it. Come on. You really want to re-sink the Unsinkable ship? Good luck with that one.
  2. Real life doesn't get sequels. Sure, Liam Neeson can make as many Taken movies as he wants, but that's not how real life works. Move on to the next disaster, please.
  3. Don't we have enough cruise ship trauma? After the recent Carnival Cruise fiasco, we're not sure why anyone would want to leave the shore on a cruise ever again.
  4. We couldn't handle watching that again. The original Titanic movie is sad (and long) enough. We're not sure there are enough tissues in the world to compensate for another one.
  5. Nobody could live up to Leonardo DiCaprio. After the inevitable tragedy occurs, who would play the romantic lead in the film? Someone not nearly as awesome as Leo, that's who.

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[via Jezebel]

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