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Which Movie Should Win Best Picture?

Which Movie Should Win Best Picture?

The Oscars are on Sunday and we're getting excited! The Oscars are basically the top of the Award Show circuit, which means that their word is the one that matters.

And that's why we can't wait for the Best Picture Award! Which film will take home the prized and slightly creepy statue? What was THE best movie of 2012? Only the Oscars will really tell us! 

We're pretty sure it's going to be Les Miserables, but last year's winner was The Artist, and that was a bit of a surprise. Maybe this year's winner will be the similarly arty Amour? But then, how could anyone refuse Jennifer Lawrence and Silver Linings Playbook? THERE ARE TOO MANY CHOICES. We need your help! What was your favorite movie of 2012? Which Best Picture nominee do you think will win?

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Which Movie Should Win Best Picture?

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