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What's Your Presidential Name?

What's Your Presidential Name?

By Sydney Scott

Presidents’ Day: day when we celebrate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, and go to amazing sales instead of boring school. Whatever you spend your Presidents’ Day doing, remember what Miss Julia Coleman used to say: “One of you could become the President of the United States!” But before that happens, you need a name worthy of the POTUS title.

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the state you’d most like to visit. (All of these are home states presidents.)

Arkansas: John/Martha

California: Harry/Edith

Connecticut: Andrew/Sarah

Georgia: Chester/Priscilla

Hawaii: Franklin/Eleanor

Illinois: George/Thelma

Iowa: Herbert/Dolly

Massachusetts: Dwight/Jacqueline

Missouri: Benjamin/Laura

Nebraska: Warren/Ellen

New Hampshire: Millard/Florence

New Jersey: Zachary/Grace

New York: Abraham/Claudia

North Carolina: Theodore/Eliza

Ohio: James/Hillary

Pennsylvania: Lyndon/Lucy

Texas: Rutherford/Margaret

Vermont: Hiram/Michelle

Virginia: Martin/Elizabeth

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite presidential campaign slogan.

Yes We Can (Barack Obama): Knox/Virginia

Where’s the Beef (Walter Mondale): Fitzgerald/Geneva

It’s the economy, stupid. (Bill Clinton): Delano/Lavinia

All the way with LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson): Baines/Angelica

I like Ike (Dwight D. Eisenhower): Birchard/Clara

Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge (Calvin Coolidge): Earl/Mabel

Vote as You Shot (Ulysses S. Grant): Grover/Lane

Tippecanoe and Tyler too (Williams Henry Harrison/John Tyler): Rudolph/Rebecca

Give Em Hell, Harry! (Harry Truman): Gamaliel/Alta

Roosevelt for Ex-President (Wendell Wilkie): Ulysses/Rosalynn

Don’t Swap Horses in Midstream (Abraham Lincoln/FDR): Milhous/Diane

AUH2O (Barry Goldwater): Quincy/Louise

Other: Woodrow/Francis

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the type of pet you’d have if you were president. (All of these types of animals have been Presidential Pets! Some of the weirder pets were those of Calvin Coolidge’s children, who practically had their own zoo. Many were also gifts from foreign countries, like Martin Van Buren’s tigers that Congress made him send to a zoo.)

Dog: Buchanan

Cat: Coolidge

Hamster: Taft

Canary: Adams

Parakeet: Pierce

Horse: Carter

Rabbit: Hoover

Goose: Grant

Mockingbird: Harding

Raccoon: Johnson

Donkey: Garfield

Bobcat: Kennedy

Lion cub: Washington

Wallaby: Madison

Pigmy Hippo: Jackson

Bear: Roosevelt

Ram: Jefferson

Sheep: Polk

Cow: Monroe

Badger: Ford

Guinea pig: Hayes

Parrot: Wilson

Owl: Reagan

Snake: Harrison

Rat: Lincoln

Rooster: McKinley

Pony: Obama

Pig: Fillmore

Turkey: Truman

Eagle: Cleveland

Elephant: Eisenhower

Tiger: Van Buren

Post by Sydney Scott AKA Eleanor Lavinia Taft!

What's your presidential name?

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