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The Fellowship: Multi-Religion Edition

Hello Sparklers! So there's a lot of drama going down regarding the proposed Christian Fellowship series, primarily between people who like the idea and people who think it should be open to more faiths. With that in mind, I thought I'd expand on the idea I proposed in that thread: a multi-religion series where a topic of the week is discussed in several posts by people of different faiths and non-faiths.

Here's how it would work. A set group of Sparklers of diverse faiths would each write a post on whatever issue they agree on. The group could rotate each week so that we get new perspectives each time, but each belief system gets one post per issue. The issues would avoid major controversies (so no abortion or "does god exist?", at least not for a while) and instead focus on different doctrines or individual experiences (e.g. modesty, diet, what it's like to be a person of color/female/LGBT in ___ religion). This isn't about going on attack mode and arguing with everyone who doesn't believe what you do, it's about learning what people of other faiths believe. Each religion would have a separate post rather than do one megapost to try and avoid any sort of "Christianity vs. Islam vs. Atheism" vibe and so that people of the same faith can get to know each other in the comments of their post. That way we're hopefully satisfying both sides of the Fellowship debate; no faith is excluded, but people who share a specific faith can still connect with each other.

If people like this idea, what we really need now are Sparklers who want to write about their faith or non-faith and ideas for issues we could discuss. So...thoughts?

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