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No Wind? No Problem...With Indoor Kites!

No Wind? No Problem...With Indoor Kites!

Have you heard of indoor kites? What sounds like a punchline is actually a mesmerizing spectacle of air resistance that is more impressive than the outdoor kind. Indoor kites ( or windless kites) rely on your ability to zig and zag the kite with the right amount of force necessary for pseudo-flight.

Here’s a video of champion kiter Spencer Watson proving that wind is for the weak.

Even with strong, gusty winds, getting a kite up in the air takes practice and a dozen swear words, so indoor kiting must be eight times as difficult.

After learning about the sport, we began thinking of other modifications to hobbies and sports that would make things more difficult. If you’ve got the time and the muscles, try any of these new events.

Stringless Yo-Yo

Underwater Frisbee

Roller Swimming

Windy Badminton

Uphill Bowling

Indoor Javelin

Slush Hockey (Like ice hockey but warmer.)

Fire Hockey

Tethered Go-Karts

Ice Origami

Night Archery

Miniature Tennis

Sticky Jenga


Ski Soccer

Verbal Karate

Which team will you try out for?

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