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Dan's School Report: President's Day

Dan's School Report: President's Day

In honor of President’s Day, Dan Bergstein handed in his report explaining the holiday and its significance.

President’s Day Is About Presidents
By Daniel Adam Bergstein

Today is the birthday of Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Montgomery Rushmore. They were born a few years apart but they helped make this nation great using diplomacy and mountains.

Our first president was George Washington who, before becoming president, was a general of an army. America wasn’t formed yet, so I don’t know what army he belonged to. It must have been more like a secret gang or club. Only countries can have armies.

Because he won the war, he got to be president. When he was a kid, George Washington never lied even when he cut down a cherry tree. Cutting down trees was like video games back then because people didn’t have much else to do besides name constellations and fear that the sun wouldn’t rise the next morning.

When he cut down the tree, his dad said, “Did you cut down that tree?” And George said, “Yes. I cannot tell a lie.” And his dad said, “I won’t punish you because you told the truth.” Even though he was honest, George Washington was the arch nemesis of Johnny Appleseed. George later used the wood of that tree to make his own teeth, to remind himself to always be truthful. The point of the story is: Society.

When he became president, George cut off all his hair and wore a wig because everyone wanted to look like a pretty Zeus.

As president, George did many great things. He invented money and democracy and wrote the Bill of Declaration that made the United States free from the British and Native Americans. He also rode in a boat.

Abe Lincoln, our second president, was a great man who was born into poverty and became president after winning a debate contest with a man named Doug. Abe was tall and wore a hat that made him even taller. This is why he was shot at the theater as the person behind him, Lee Harvey, was angry because he couldn’t see over the hat. It was a sad. They made a movie about it but I didn't see it. I did see  Tron: Legacy and that was okay.

Before dying, Lincoln ended slavery and invented the penny. He was a great man who fought against South America. He also was the first president to drive a car.

After he was shot, he sat on a giant throne in Washington D.C. and told his vice president Gettysburg what to do next. This famous speech made American free of slavery.

Montgomery Rushmore was our 18th president and he helped carve some presidents into a mountain to scare off enemies and evil. He had time, as there were no wars to fight. But he never finished the carving. Originally, the presidents were to be shown standing with arms wrapped around each other, as George launched a motorcycle off the “Ramp of Freedom” and Abe gave the country a thumbs up. Maybe someday it will be completed.

Barack Obama is our modern president but is not on any money yet.

Ben Franklin was not a president because he was an outlaw, but he discovered Philadelphia with the help of his electrical kite.

Richard Nixon was a president too. But something happened to him.

President often have weird old names like Rutherford or Grover, so if you want your child to be a president, name it something unusual. Popeye, for instance.

President’s Day was founded in history as a way for school children to learn the names of all the presidents and for Macy’s to have a sale on towels. It’s also a day to make cupcakes with cherry icing because that was George Washington’s favorite! Many schools have off on this day unless they used up all their snow days.

My favorite president is me when I am president in the future. I would make a great president because I am fair and honest and good with money and karate. My vice president would have a pet snake that I could hold.

Have a happy President’s Day. You can also have a sad President’s Day, if you don’t like America because of policies or freedom. That’s okay too. America is for everyone, even sadders.

Ronald Reagan was a president.

The End

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