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Sponsored Post: PINK's Spring Break Must-Haves-Chelsea Dagger Picks Her Favorite Bright Bikinis, Flirty Tanks, and More!



Bust out the confetti and the sunscreen, guys: IT’S SPRING BREAK!

Okay, not yet—right now, it's the middle of February, and you're probably shivering in your dorm room, daydreaming about spring break. Let me guess: your plans include Joseph Gordon-Levitt parachuting into your 8 AM Philosophy course, boldly declaring his undying love for you, and whisking you off to a beautiful beach, where the two of you will re-create this dance montage whilst sipping pink lemonade, eating bottomless nachos, and cuddling panda cubs (Joseph adopted them just to make you happy).

Well, here's the good news: THAT DREAM CAN BE A REALITY. Why? Because with the help of these super-cute products from PINK and my foolproof fashion advice, you're going to have the best spring break ever. It doesn't matter if your plans include dominating the hot dudes from the next dorm in a winner-takes-all ping-pong tournament or swaggering around some exotic locale in your cheekiest swimsuit; PINK has got you covered. Click through the slideshow to check out all of their flirty, fun looks, and let the spring break daydreams commence!

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