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Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 3

Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 3

Episode 3: The Ticket Master

The scene opens with Applejack and Twilight Sparkle finishing up their work picking apples. Is it possible for a horse to pick an apple? The only way I can see them doing it is with their teeth, and that is NOT sanitary!

Twilight gets a letter from the not-Queen Celestia about the Grand Galloping Gala, which is apparently the best thing ever in Equestria. It's basically a bunch of rich ponies partying in a royal castle. Kind of funny to think that in the real world, two people who have been working in the fields all day would be outraged by such a posh event, but in Ponyville, it's super swell! Twilight is invited with a plus one.

Applejack wants to go so she can sell her apples and make money for her farm. This is the best reason ever. Rainbow Dash hears the conversation and insists she should go instead. R-Dash thinks that if she interrupts the "Wonderbolts" show by flying around, they'll let her join.

We all know it should be Applejack, right? Granted, we have to hear the excuses from the rest of the ponies first, but AJ is by far the best contestant. Her reasoning is selfless and  intelligent. She wants to use money to better her business. That's the lesson we need to teach kids! Always be on the lookout for business opportunities! In contrast, Rainbow Dash thinks she'll be handed an opportunity by being destructive. That's like someone trying to join the Blue Angels by flying her own airplane in the middle of a show. It's dangerous, stupid, and can only end badly.

While Twilight and Spike look for lunch, Pinkie Pie tackles them and spots the tickets. She gets super excited and wants to go so she can party. Mind you, she's explaining this in a song. Is this going to be a regular thing with her? So far, the only songs in this TV show are sparked by her. I don't like it.

Rarity's next, and her excuse has to do with fashion and glamour and fairy tale romances. She thinks once she goes to the Gala, she'll meet and fall in love with a prince. That's about as logical as Rainbow Dash's reasoning. Question: What title is given to the princess's nephew? According to Rarity, he's a prince, but Celestia is a princess, and she ranks above him. This would all make more sense if she became a QUEEN already! In all of these scenes of the royal family in the castle, it is obvious that Celestia is at the top of the totem poll. Give her a good title, one with actual power already! AND WHERE'S LUNA?!?! She better show up by the end of the episode.

Last but not least, we have Fluttershy. I actually like her now. At first I thought she was weird and antisocial, but now I see her as a shy little sweetie! ...What? I can have a soft side! F-Shy wants to go so she can see the gardens and the animals. She's like a less annoying Snow White! Awww how cuuuuute. Ahem, excuse me.

But Applejack should go. Do we really need to debate this? There shouldn't be any competition and the choice is obvious, right? Right?! Well, not to Twilight, the "brainy" one in the group. She just can't decide. And the decision-making job gets harder once they all do special favors for her.

Kids, don't be like Twilight Sparkle. If a group of friends shower you with freebies and favors, TAKE THEM!! Sure, it may be morally wrong and in the end your friendship will no doubt receive a harsh blow, but on the other hand: free stuff. Just pretend you still need more time to decide, and rake in as much swag as possible. I mean, Twilight could have received a free outfit, free food, free house cleaning services, AND her own PERSONAL WEATHER!! The only downside was Pinkie Pie singing again. Please let this not be a thing.

Since she values "friendship," Twilight takes an all-or-nothing approach. She gives the tickets back to Celestia and tell her she won't go unless all her friends can come, too. Of course, since this is a kid's show, the problem is solved by drawing enough tickets for all of them. This isn't a realistic solution for human problems, though. Not all of us have royal connections to get the tickets we need. Sometimes you have two tickets for a concert, can't afford more, and can only bring one person! This is why you should never have more than one friend. If you do, then sell the tickets on eBay for more money than they're worth.

This episode was so different from the pilot. First of all, WHERE are the Sailor Moon powers?? Last week eternal darkness and imminent doom were threatening society. The biggest crisis this week was not having enough tickets for a party. AND WHERE IS LUNA?? Not-Queen Celestia was so "gracious" as to free her imprisoned little sister and return her reigning power. For all we know, she's back in the moon!

Though this wasn't as crazy as the last episode, I probably am still going to watch. ...And purchase a Fluttershy plushie. All that counts is Applejack making money for her business.

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