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How to Write a Good Sparkler Post

Sparkler Post
How to Write a Good Sparkler Post

Writing a Sparkler post can be rather nerve-wracking. You wonder if everyone will like it, or if anybody will even click on it at all. You wonder if people will think it's stupid. If you're voicing an opinion, you're worried that you'll be judged.

So relax. Sparknotes is a wonderful place, and nobody is going to judge you. (Even Gary doesn't judge. He eats your comments no matter what they say.) However, there are some things that just don't belong as a Sparkler post. Hopefully this guide will give you a road map for deciding what should and what should not be written as an article.

Sparkler Post Don'ts:

1. Don't upload a picture, write a sentence or two, and call it good. Lots of people put tons of hard work and effort into their articles, and if you do just a picture and a sentence you're taking up space.

2. Don't express opinions in a rude or superior manner. Of course, there's nothing wrong with stating an opinion. In fact, here on Sparknotes we welcome it! Everyone on here has a different opinion, but we can all talk about and discuss them in a mature manner. We don't need any, "This is why I'm right and you're wrong. Ha."

3. Please don't make fun of or criticize someone. Not only is this cruel, but is most certainly not what these articles are intended for. Again, wasted space.

4. Don't spam. I don't think I need to define what spamming is.

Sparkler Post Do's:

1. Proofread. We want to be able to read your wonderful article! If you're like me, you can't spell. I'm honestly not even sure if proofread is one word or two! It looks funny. But it looks weird as two words too, so I'm not sure. Anyways, just do your best. Punctuation and dividing into paragraphs is always nice.

2. Consider other people's feelings. This kind of goes with numbers 2 and 3 from the previous list. We appreciate people who present their article in a way that won't offend others.

3. Take time to think about your article. Should this go there? Could this sentence be better worded this way? Posting an article is so easy that there's a temptation just to post without editing. But revising your work will make them more enjoyable to read.

4. Have fun with it! Go ahead and be creative and let your weird streak shine. Remember, this is your chance to show your own unique self!

Hopefully these will help you write your Sparkler articles. Remember, we're not judging. (Okay, well, maybe a little.) Happy writing!

(Oh, and the drawing is horrible, I know. I have only a computer mouse and Paint to attempt to convey my point. And I don't quite know what's with the dead fish myself.)

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