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A Proposal to my Christian Sparklers - Join the Fellowship

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A Proposal to my Christian Sparklers - Join the Fellowship

Hey there, my fellow geeky brothers and sisters in Christ! So lately I've been noticing how many Christians there are on Sparklife (I know there are a lot of non-Christians too, but trust me, I'm not trying to be exclusive) and I got to thinking, "hey wouldn't it be cool if we all kind of connected with each other and were able to have great spiritual conversation and stuff?" And that's where my proposal comes in. I'm calling it "The Fellowship."

What I was thinking is this: in a fashion similar to all of the series posts (aka. Auntie Sparknotes, Ask Jono, NBK), we Christian sparklers could connect simply by tagging posts in a similar fashion to each other. It would be like a mini-community within the larger scope of Sparklife, a place for us to talk, encourage each other, and share what's on our minds as Christian teens and young adults. People could write posts about their own experiences, create mini devotionals, or ask and anwser any questions they might have about their faith or walk with God. All, of course, within a respectful and loving environment of Bros and Sisses.

So why call it "The Fellowship?" Well, for many of you who have grown up in the church, you know that word is used to describe a gathering of believers. Unfortunately, many of us also grow up thinking that Christian fellowship equals pot lucks and small talk. But it's meant to be so much more. Christians were meant to be one family, one church, regardless of location or class or denomination. God's people were supposed to become a unified people with a common goal of serving God, who share their lives with one another and help each other through struggles. In essence, they were meant to be more like the Fellowship of the Ring than a once-a-month potluck. Fellowship is meant to be EPIC!

This is what I would love to create on Sparklife: a place where Christians from all places and all walks of life can come together in geeky, online fellowship. No, this can't replace the benefits of having a church with real people that you fellowship with, but it could be a great way to connect with and encourage our fellow believers on Sparklife.

Each post could simply be tagged with "The Fellowship" or use the name or other indicators in the title. I figure if this works out, we'll be able to know which posts are a part of this without too much confusion in no time.

So I invite you all, Catholics and Prodestanst, guys and girls, LOTR lovers and HP nerds to come and join The Fellowship here on Sparklife. Whaddya say? You have my sword!


Topics: Life
Tags: religion, community, christianity, lotr, the lord of the rings

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