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9 Unconven­­­tional Ways To Get Into College

9 Unconven­­­tional Ways To Get Into College

Well, this guy's the one to beat. Here are some thoughts on how to do it.

1. Find out when admissions committee orders pizza (you might have to tap into some phone conversations or get friendly with the local Papa Johns), stalk the delivery boy, jump his bicycle, and tape your application into the inside of the pizza box. Pizza puts everyone in a jovial mood, so the right people will see your stuff at just the right moment.

2. Know those marriage proposal videos that are getting so popular? Stage one asking the school to marry you let you in. The bigger the band the better.

3. Become the best French Horn player in the country. You’ll be quite the commodity. Nobody plays the French Horn.

4. Go on an education strike. Say you won’t learn another thing until they let you in. They don’t want that guilt on their hands.

5. Start your own college application business. Not only will the school of your dreams be super impressed, but if you’re good at what you do it will be a snap.

6. Create beautiful business cards that say YOUR NAME, student at DREAM SCHOOL. Send it to the admissions department with a note that says, “My Card…

7. Sneak into the building and put your shoes in all the doors, with your application shoved inside. GET IT, YOUR FOOT IS IN THE DOOR. Maybe the president of the school has a terrible sense of humor.

8. Make sure in all the photos of you on Facebook, etc., are you wearing the school mascot costume. When they google you, they'll know who's got spirit.

9. Just start going to the school. Maybe nobody will notice.

What crazy thing would you do to get into the school of your dreams? Do you think it would work?

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