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14 Reasons It's Great To Be Single

14 Reasons It's Great To Be Single

While some of you are loving this most chocolatey-teddy beary-flowery of days, others may just want to vomit. This post is for you barfers. Being single is awesome! Read below to find out why.

1. You can focus entirely on yourself and not feel selfish. You don't need to sit through terrible movies and pretend to like them to prove your love, nor do you have to sacrifice any interests or hobbies for a significant other. And dessert? That's all for you, too. No sharing necessary.

2. Beyonce wrote an amazing hit song about being single. There's yet to be a catchier tune that starts with "All the attached ladies!" It just isn't quite the same...

3. Think about all the movies and television shows that are inspired by single people. Without singles, there'd be no Sex and the City and without Sex and the City, there'd be no Carrie Diaries. Single people make stories more interesting! Hollywood should be thanking "the lonely people" for these hits.

4. You can play the field! Hang out with lots of crushes/friends/other singles. Meeting people and having options helps you figure out what you like and it's fun to get to know others without pressure.

5. On Valentine's Day (and any other holiday, for that matter), you can buy yourself a present and fully enjoy it, rather than receive a well-meaning present that still kind of sucks.

6. Single rhymes with other awesome words: Pringle, tingle, and mingle are a few. This makes for some great poems about not having a date today. And dating rhymes with hating...just sayin'.

7. You don't have to spend your nights gabbing on the phone with your sweetie. That's a whole extra 15-120 (depending on some of you) minutes to do whatever you want... like taking a bath or watching kitten videos.

8. Have tons of celeb crushes? You can send them cards and letters of your undying love and it is not cheating. Who knows? Maybe your love will be requited...

9. Dancing is more fun with a group of friends than with one boy/girlfriend. Trust us. Dancing in groups is how memories are made. Dancing with a SO is how you get the flu.

10. If you're newly single, it kind of feels like a fresh start. And, on V-day, everyone will feel sorry for you so you'll get bonus attention!

11. You don't have the stress of month-a-versaries, anniversaries, or any other dumb days to remember.

12. Video games are sometimes the best when played alone. You don't need someone telling you, "You're doing it wrong! Are you trying to lose?"

13. Taylor Swift's songs are best enjoyed when single.

14. Though she's not technically "single," Oprah has never married and look how well that turned out for her!

Why are you thankful for being single?

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