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Would You Sue a Teacher Because of a Grade?

Would You Sue a Teacher Because of a Grade?

When you get a poor grade, your mind runs through a series of emotions: Shock, disappointment, frustration, anger, acceptance...or perhaps blame. Maybe the grade wasn’t your fault. We’ve all had awful teachers who handed out low grades. It sucks. But what can you do besides complain to your friends and parents? could sue.

That’s what Lehigh University graduate Megan Thode did after one professor gave her a C+. Thode is currently suing the university for a cool $1.3 million and says that grade (which isn’t even that awful) ruined her career. The story of Thode is a tad more complicated, since her father works at the university and there are allegations of political discrimination. The whole thing is messy. The bigger issue is this: If you could sue a teacher over a grade, would you?

On one hand, who doesn’t like getting money for bad grades?! And if the grade truly wasn’t your fault, and is the result of an evil teacher, then surely that teacher should be punished. But how can you prove the teacher was to blame? How can you show the court that you’re not just lazy or dumb? (Wearing sophisticated glasses and saying fancy words like “moreover” will help show you are way smart!)

And on the other hand, if you sue a teacher over a grade, you may forever be labeled a whiner who never takes responsibility for your own actions. Bad grade? Sue the teacher. Bad night’s rest? Sue the bed company. Bad boyfriend? Sue his parents for producing such a jerk. Bad cold? Sue everyone who was sick last week and may have infected you. Bad eyes? Sue yourself. Where does it end?

Moreover (see how smart!) maybe bad grades motivate students to try harder and thus help them excel! Perhaps Megan Thode should have seen that C+ grade and told herself, “Well Megs, we can do better! Let’s the max!”

Still, suing a teacher is tempting. And this story may frighten some evil teachers into becoming nice, or else face legal action.

What do you think?

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Would you sue a teacher over a grade?

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