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What's Your Slovenian Name?

What's Your Slovenian Name?

While Slovenia is not the most popular vacation destination, it has certain charms that give it plenty of awesomesauce points. Like pretty much every other European county, Slovenian breathtaking views of everything from caves and coastal towns to lakes and plains. And look at this cool castle! And this delicious-looking pastry called Prekmurska gibanica! And anyone remember 2Cellos? Yep, one of those guys is Slovenian. Now that you’re practically an expert on the amazing county of Slovenia, go get your Slovenian name!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite Muppet.

Kermit: Luka/Ema
Animal: Nik/Klara
Beaker: Jaka/Masa
Miss Piggy: Matic/Ana
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew: Gasper/Tjasa
Statler and Waldorf: Timotej/Valentina
Fozzie Bear: Klemen/Katja
The Swedish Chef: Maks/Tinkara
Gonzo: Blaz/Klara
Rizzo the Rat: Urban/Ziva
Sam the Eagle: Oskar/ Pika
Other: Svit/Marusa

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite form of sci-fi transportation.

1981 DeLorean: Maj/Tea
TARDIS: Vito/Aneja
Millennium Falcon: Tomaz/Meta
Light cycle: Erazem/Luna
Serenity: Uros/Petra
Stargates: Brin/Izabela
Enterprise: Zak/Amina
Galactica: Stas/Marija
Transporter: Gaber/Nikolina
Other: Jost/Anamarija

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your Chinese zodiac symbol. (If you don’t know you’re here, find out here!)

Horse: Strasek
Goat/Ram: Mulej
Monkey: Vidic
Dog: Kejzar
Pig: Kraka
Rat: Luscek
Ox: Gubec
Tiger: Cvercko
Rabbit: Zeronik
Dragon: Pasini
Snake: Bozic

Post by Sydney Scott, AKA Klara Aneja Kejzar!

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