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The 10 Best Anti-Valentine's Day Hashtags

The 10 Best Anti-Valentine's Day Hashtags

Maybe in an effort to be a subtle Valentine's Day grinch, you're putting a brave face on all your status updates this week...only to telegraph acres of angst via subtle hashtag. Since the only thing more annoying than someone who LOOOVES Valentine's Day is someone who LOUDLY PROTESTS the total lameness of Valentine's Day, we heartily approve. Here are some passive-aggressive V-day hashtags to get you going:

Who needs a Valentine when you've got a soul mate? #neverleavemesherlock

Waaaay too busy for v-day this year. #trebuchetsdontbuildthemselves

Still need to pick up the last of my Valentine supplies! #tacostwizzlerstissuestears going to be a v-day to remember. #puttingatuxedoonmydog

Aw, so much love in the air this time of year. #getaroomjerks

YUM, Valentine's candy!! #nobodylovesmewhynotchocolatecoma

So nice to see people celebrating their love unironically. Very inspiring. #it'sbeen1monthstopsayingit'sforever

I just realized all my best friends are dating each other. I'm a total cupid! #loadingmybowkatnissstyle

Nice to celebrate the holiday with those who are always there for me. #rereadinggobletoffire

It's cool when your friends act concerned about your happiness. Shows that they care. #singledoesnotequaldead

What's the funniest anti-Valentine's Day hashtag you can come up with?

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