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Middle Schooler Banned From School For Her Beautiful, Red Hair

Middle Schooler Banned From School For Her Beautiful, Red Hair

Do you notice anything funky about this girl? Does she look like a criminal? Does she deserve to be shunned? Do you think anything about her appearance could distract you from your studies?

No? Well you clearly don’t see eye to eye with the Hurricane, Utah middle school. 15-year-old Rylee McKay was banned from her from classes because she dyed her hair a color that "didn't fit on the spectrum of natural color." Seriously–can you even tell it’s a dye job? Aren’t there people with this hair color in Dublin or something?

Rylee and her mom, Amy, even spoke to Rylee’s hairdresser about the school rules pre-dye job and toned down the original, even-less color of red Rylee had originally wanted. And she’s been rocking this look since September, but the school is just getting their panties in a twist about it now.

Rylee asked if she could have until the weekend to have it professional dyed back to her natural color, but the school said there was no time for shenanigans. He wanted her to run to WalMart to buy a box to dye it back ASAP. Not to knock those store-brand hair dye systems, but if you’ve ever used them you know that the chances of them resulting in an odd, radioactive hue of orange or, say, purple, is pretty high. That’ll give the school something to whine about.

So ae you mad yet?

Fortunately, Rylee’s mom is on her side. "I think there are way more pressing issues in this school. At this age, these kids are going through so much with peer pressure and trying to find themselves—look at the depression and teen suicide rates—and all we're doing is stifling them more. They have no leeway in how to become themselves. We don't let them do a lot of things for their own safety, but there's got to be some give. We're making little clones."

"My daughter feels beautiful with the red hair. Changing her hair really changed her; she really blossomed,” she added.

It’s easy to find trouble in middle school, but dying your hair any color seems one of the less-sinister modes of rebellion (if you could even call it rebellion). And this color seems just lovely. The school should be proud that they have a bombshell redhead in the building. And get this–Rylee wants to go to school. Shouldn't that be awesome? Banning kids from school based on appearance doesn't let anyone get ahead. And if the school thought that red hair was distracting, how do they feel about the fact that everyone and their mama is reporting about their judgment call? (And the majority have not taken their side.)

Does your school have policies about “natural hair colors”? Do you think Rylee should be allowed to go to school? Anybody out there have natural hair that looks like this? It's possible, right?

[via Jezebel]

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