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How to Make Your Single Girls Smile on V-Day

How to Make Your Single Girls Smile on V-Day

On Valentine’s Day, we look to our boyfriends and girlfriends to give us long lingering kisses, heart-shaped pizzas, flowers, and chocolates. But who said Valentine’s Day is solely about romantic love? That seems like a very un-modern definition of the holiday. Don't single people deserve a little extra affection (from someone besides their mom) that day? If you want to make your lady friends smile on Thursday, we’ve got some ideas for you (beyond just having a Beyonce Dance Party all night Thursday—that goes without saying).

Plan a girls-only night. Who cares if none of you have dates? Plan a special night out anyway. Hit a local bowling alley, try a new restaurant in town, or check out a concert. Maybe you’ll have so much fun being together and laughing that a group of guys will spy you and try to join in the on the fun. Or maybe they'll think you're crazy and ask that you keep your bowling balls in your own lane. Whatever the case, you guys will have a good time, form new inside jokes, and post cute pics on Facebook, causing all of your ex-boyfriends to suffer.

Stay in in a major way. Don’t feel like showing your face to the world? There ain’t no shame in staying in and having an old-fashioned sleepover. Stock up on Twizzlers, Doritos, and various kinds of fattening cheeses and dips. Have your iPod nearby so you can belt out your favorite Taylor Swift songs and make up dance routines whenever you have the itch. Make sure you’ve got a phone to innocently prank call all the jerks in your grade. Of course, make sure to take lots of lame pictures of yourselves in your sweatpants. In ten years, these pictures will be priceless.

See what the future holds. After school, borrow your mom’s minivan and take your friends to the most reputable fortuneteller in town (make sure you do some research on first). Here, you gals will have the chance to get a glimpse into your future. Most likely, the fortune teller will tell you something as clichéd as, “You will meet your next boyfriend in college.” But at least you'll leave with some renewed hope—as long as she doesn’t see a monastery full of nuns in her crystal ball.

Do random acts of kindness. Is any one of your girls particularly down in the dumps? Maybe she just went through a breakup or was rejected when she asked her crush to turnabout. If you have a friend who's struggling, do something special for her on Thursday. Be her knight in shining armor and leave some fresh (and cheap) flowers from Trader Joe's in her car or on her desk. Have a pizza delivered to her in the cafeteria during lunchtime. Or ask the a capella group to serenade her after school. If you don’t want to let her know that you're trying to lift her spirits, do these little things anonymously. Just prepare to deal with her thinking she has a secret admirer from this point on.

Splurge on yourselves. In order to lift team morale, splurge on something special as a group. You could all get mani-pedis together, or head to your favorite store (maybe H&M) and pick out jewelry for each other. Plus, you can buy yourself a new shirt if you need extra cheering up. Then, walk over to Victoria's Secret and make fun of the lingerie. Retail therapy always helps, and works even better when you do it with your BFFs.

What are you and your girls doing to celebrate your platonic love? Have a Girls marathon while eating Cool Whip out of your own tubs? Or will you dress up and go out for a nice dinner? We want to know!

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