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Benedict Cumberbatch: Ugly, Weird, or Super Handsome Great?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Ugly, Weird, or Super Handsome Great?

Benedict Cumberbatch will be among the biggest stars of 2013, and his die hard fans have already set fire to the computer upon reading the headline. But hopefully a few Cumber-heads have stuck around long enough to answer this question: What’s the deal with Benedict Cumberbatch?

Why is he so popular? Why does the internet think he’s the hottest guy of them all? What am I missing?

While it’s rare for me to impugn someone’s beauty, when I see the entire internet frothing for the likes of the Mr. Cumberbatch, I’m curious what women see in him? (Acting ability and charm, aside.) Whatever he's doing right, I want to do also! So yeah...I'm jealous!

Perhaps you can better explain the appeal.

Here’s what I see:

His face is that of a weasle, with eyes so beady they belong on a bracelet you make at camp. When not looking as if he urgently needs to use the restroom, he looks as though someone just asked him a very difficult question and he refuses to admit he doesn't know the answer.

He’s tall, so I can see how some women would admire that, but he’s as lanky as Ichabod Crane (not the Johnny Depp version). Granted, I have never watched Sherlock, so I only know him from still photos. Perhaps when he moves, his hotness is revealed. Maybe he has a sexual, graceful gait.

Or maybe girls just like ferret-faced brits.

So what gives? And don't look at me like that. If everyone in the world were honest, I doubt I would be the only person asking this question. I know this opinion is in the minority, but surely some of you agree with me, right?

Now I know what many of your are saying. “Dan, you’re a stupid ignorant guy who doesn’t know what sexy is.” Fair enough. I am a guy, and maybe Cumberbatch’s sex appeal is invisible to me. But for the sake of comparison, let me list a few popular actors who I think are handsome. (And yes, I am straight!)

Zac Efron
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Bradley Cooper
I even understand why that guy who played Loki is melting hearts. (His smile is the bow on the gift that is his face.)

But Cumberbatch? I don’t see it. I just don’t see it. I hereby challenge you to defend Benny’s Beauty!

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