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Les Mean Girls Tumblr Is the Reason the Internet Exists

Les Mean Girls Tumblr Is the Reason the Internet Exists


For months now, you've been unable to sleep, kept up by a taunting fantasy in which your love for the most quotable movie of all time, Mean Girls, is married to your recent obsession with this year's Oscar-nominated musical masterpiece Les Miserables. Well, get ready to fall into a deep, peaceful slumber knowing that your dream world is, in fact, a reality—thanks to the Les Mean Girl Tumblr. The blog sets quotes from Mean Girls over top of images from Les Mis, and it's filled with hilarious memes and a whole lotta Amanda Seyfried. It is, basically, the reason that the Internet was invented (discovered? Built? Whatever). Also, it's important to note that the absence of a gangster rap from Kevin G. in the third act of Les Mis is a crime against humanity.

Click here to check out the tumblr and submit your own super-fetch memes! (Sorry. We'll stop trying to make "super-fetch" a thing.)

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