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100 People Worse Than Justin Bieber

100 People Worse Than Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber isn’t going anywhere, so hating on him, or mocking him, or refusing to give him a high-five when you see him at Wendy’s won’t do anything besides show the world that you’re petty (and probably jealous). Besides, is Justin Bieber really that awful? Sure he sometimes comes across as a cocky dork, and his music is as bland as a water salad, but the guy sold a bajillion albums and much to everyone’s surprise, is more than a one-hit-wonder or a gimmick.

To help put things into perspective, behold 100 people who are worse than Justin Biebs.

100. Kim Kardashian.

99. Chris Brown.

98. People who stare at you when you cry.

97. Any of the 100 worst types of teachers.

96. The guy on the Quaker Oats box. Anyone else feel as though he’s undressing you with his eyes?

95. Justin Bieber fans.

94. Middle-aged Justin Bieber fans.

93. Middle-aged male Selena Gomez fans.

92. Mel Gibson.

91. Shredder (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

90. Little guys who own mean dogs.

89. Voldemort.

88. Dentists who can't decipher your hand gesture for, “Ouch!”

87. Yosemite Sam.

86. People who make fun of you for calling Yosemite Sam, “You See Might Sam.”

85. Anne Hathaway. She’s a talented actress, but annoying otherwise.

84. Twilight fans.

83. Goldilocks. She’s a trespassing snob.

82. Cooking show judges. All of them.

81. Nickelback.

80. Kanye West. He can make decent music, but his attitude is that of Goldilocks mixed with a mean dog.

79. The person (or robot dragon?) who invented dubstep.

78. People who didn’t like The Dark Knight.

77. Kristen Stewart.

76. Michael Bay.

75. Miley Cyrus.

74. People who correct your pronunciation at a party.

73. Leprechauns. Just give us the gold, jerks. You’re obviously not using it.

72. Scar.

71. Lance Armstrong.

70. The members of 98 Degrees.

69. Members of O-Town.

68. Shoe salesman who ties your shoes too tight.

67. Spider farmers.

66. Loki.

65. Hansel.

64. Bugs Bunny. He’s a jerk. Stop defending his actions. He’s a jerk and a bully.

63. Gretel.

62. Any cast member of Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Whatever.

61. That guy from The Hangover who isn’t Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, or Ed Helms.

60. Jabba The Hut.

59. Bellatrix Lestrange.

58. The Geico Cavemen. (Ask your parents if you don’t know who they are.)

57. Donald Trump.

56. Ashton Kutcher.

55. Rebecca Black. (Ask your parents if you don’t know who she is.)

54. Tyra Banks.

53. Illusionists. All of them, from David Blane to Chris Angel.

52. Whoever was the idiot that fired Community creator Dan Harmon.

51. Alvin, the Chipmunk. His brothers are OK.

50. Polly Pocket. That’s probably not even her real name! And what if she’s not a person, but some sort of disguised insect.

49. Draco.

48. The monsters in Space Jam.

47. Joffrey Baratheon.

46. The Free Credit Report band.

45. The galactic Emperor.

44. Stephenie Meyer.

43. The bears who use toilet paper in those commercials.

42. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

43. Jim Carrey (From 2008 - 2012)

42. Cruella de Vil.

41. Gary Busey. (Seen here talking about Hobbits.)

40. Commenting trolls.

39. Anyone who cares that Beyonce may have lip synced.

38. Beyonce...if she did, indeed, lipsync. YOU ARE A LIAR AND THE WORST!

37. Superman (The real one, who hasn’t yet revealed himself because he’s being a baby about it).

36. Jackson Pollack.

35. Most professional basketball players.

34. Simon Cowell.

33. John Mayer.

32. People who talk on cellphones while in a bathroom stall.

31. Liz. (Jon’s girlfriend in the Garfield comic strips.)

30. Peter Pan. What a cocky, childish douche!

29. The person who puts celery in tuna salad.

28. Guys younger than 21 who have a moustache.

27. Unicorn hunters.

26. Ventriloquists.

25. Anyone who likes their sandwiches with extra crust.

24. Skeletor.

23. Usher.

22. Mumford's sons.

21. Jennifer Lopez.

20. The lying, manipulative wizard of Oz.

19. Klingons.

18. People who don’t say anything after you sneeze.

17. Anyone who picked the cat over the robot for the new Monopoly piece.

16. Dr. Phil.

15. Hamlet.

14. Bella Swan.

13. Edward Cullen.

12. Weeping Claire Danes.

11. Ryan Lochte.

10. Justin Bieber’s entourage.

9. The director of that Justin Bieber documentary.

8. Harry Styles.

7. The Devil.

6. Adam Sandler’s character in 97% of Adam Sandler movies.

5. People who say the world “selfie” aloud, without a hint of irony or sarcasm.

4. Guys who have their own name tattooed on their own body.

3. People who write lists about other people.

2. Anyone who leans while driving a car.

1. Adele’s baby.

Is Justin better than these people?

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