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The Best Love Stories to Watch This Valentine's Day

The Best Love Stories to Watch This Valentine's Day

Just because you don’t have a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean the holiday needs to be loveless. In fact, you don’t have to leave your couch to witness some of the greatest love stories of all time. Just pop in a DVD, call your girls, and microwave your popcorn before settling in for a marathon of movies sure to touch your heart.

When Harry Met Sally. While leading man Billy Crystal definitely doesn’t give us the hunk sweats, this romantic comedy is perfect for those who aspire to fall in love with their best friends. The story  starts when Sally (played by a young Meg Ryan) shares a cross-country drive with Harry. Spoiler alert: These two kids don’t immediately fall in love. In fact, they decide they don't even want to be friends. But fate intervenes on several occasions. After running into each other in a bookstore (we love the setting), they strike up a friendship before realizing they are destined to be together. FOREVER. Not only is this a romantic story, but it's also a funny, nuanced film that explores different philosophies of love, friendship, and sex. Plus, it’s that movie where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm (gasp!) in a diner.

Titanic. Since period pieces are so hot right now (hello, Downton Abbey), it’s time to take it back about a hundred years and watch Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) and Kate Winslet (Rose) fall in love despite their class differences on a ship that we all know will sink. Before the ship goes down, Jack and Rose manage to pack in a bunch of memorable experiences, enough for a lifetime, really. Jack saves Rose from jumping off the ship, they dance in the lower deck with the poor Irish people, Jack draws a nude picture of Rose wearing that massive heart necklace (seems like something an old timey Kardashian would own), and then finally, they have steaming hot sex in a car. The hand smear on the car window is probably the most famous hand smear of all time. When the ship starts to go down, Rose has the opportunity to ensure her safety, but it means leaving Jack. Watch this movie to understand how even a quick, lost love can affect you for the rest of your life. Also, since Celine Dion provides the soundtrack, you can sing your heart out when the Titanic starts to sink.

Once. Speaking of a great soundtrack, Once is a musical film with beautiful, romantic tunes. Watch this movie, and afterward you will immediately download all of the tracks and subsequently find yourself sadly singing them in the shower. The movie stars Glen Hansard as a singer who plays guitar on the streets of Dublin. Markéta Irglová plays the role of an immigrant flower seller. They meet and become fast friends who make beautiful music together. Hansard is still in love with a woman who moved to London, and Irglová is a young mother raising a child on her own, though she's still married to the father. Despite these complications, the two better each other’s situations and give each other hopes. Though not a traditional love story with a fairy tale ending, this movie shows the power of friendship and love, and how they shape the trajectory of life. Plus, Hansard and Irglová were once real-life lovers, which is darling even though they have since parted ways :(

An Affair to Remember. If you happen to spend V-Day with some old timers, like your mom or grandmother, it’s time to bust out this classic film. Starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, this movie is considered one of the most romantic of all time, according to the American Film Institute, so we know it’s legit. This is the story of a notorious playboy and a woman; both are in relationships, but they unexpectedly fall for each other while traveling on a ship. Once they arrive in New York, they agree to meet at the Empire State Building in six months, giving them time to break things off with their respective partners so that they can be together. However, a major tragic event prevents the two from meeting, and one of the lovers feels totally rejected and slighted when the other fails to show up. We’ll have to let you watch the movie to see what happens, because it’s just so darn unexpected and perfect. It’s one not to be missed. And for the record, any movie with an Empire State Building scene is destined to be a love story, so make sure you also watch Sleepless in Seattle if you haven’t already, duh.

What are your favorite cinematic love stories? What will you and your friends pop in this single ladies' Valentine's Day? We want to know and we totally want to be invited to the sleepover that involves all of this marathon movie-watching!

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