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Other Uses for Snow

Other Uses for Snow

Nemo's coming! And he's gonna dump snow over half the country, or something like that. We hated snow, until we realized what else it can be used for. Here's what to do with the piles of snow you're about to get:

  • Pack one up for a tried-and-true purpose, with a twist: save a snowball in your fridge and hit one, completely unsuspecting person in the middle of July.
  • Find a fresh patch and make some earthy-tasting snow cones (not recommended if your region of the country experiences acid rain).
  • Make a really awesome igloo.
  • Bribe your ex's little sister to put a mound in his bed. :]
  • Create your own ski/snowboard hill. If there's not enough snow in the backyard, prop up some planks and trash cans and cover them with the good stuff.
  • Explain to your crush that other girls are like snowflakes—every one is unique, but they will ALL DISAPPEAR in an instant. And leave you cold and wet and miserable so just go out with ME.
  • Write messages in the snow! Fill up a water bottle, add a few drops of food coloring, and draw away.
  • Take your English teacher to the window and look out at the blinding, eternal white blanket of winter. "My homework is out there," say to your teacher. "Out there, somewhere."
  • Make a snowman army. Because—why not?
  • Or, you know, anything else that Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes did.

What are your favorite things to do in the snow? Is there any snow on the ground where you live?

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