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Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 2

Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 2

In the first recap of this crazy kid's show, I mentioned I enjoyed it. After seeing the second episode... I still like it. Gah! I know I should accept this show, but I don't want to! The last episode ended with the threat of eternal darkness yada yada yada and now on with the story!

Episode 2: Friendship is Magic, Part 2

After she threatens eternal darkness and laughs maniacally for about 10 minutes, Princess Luna turns into the smoke monster from LOST and disappears into the night. Twilight races home to put Spike to bed (hey, he is a baby) and then searches for info on the elements of harmony. All the ponies (Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie) follow her home to find out what she knows. Twilight tells them about the elements and the evil princess and all that jazz. Pinkie Pie finds the book, which I gotta say, did make me giggle.

According to the book, there are 6 elements, but only 5 are known. Hmmm, aren't there also 6 ponies? Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are. And when she reads the elements one by one (kindness, laughter, generosity, honesty, and loyalty), the camera pans over the ponies! Where are they going with this? To find the 6th element, they need to go to an abandoned castle in a dark forest, which I'm positive is the setup for half of the Scooby Doo shows.

While the six of them are strolling through the creepy forest, the smoke monster somehow makes the cliff they're on break off? I don't know, it's magic, just go with it. Luckily R-Dash and Fluttershy have wings, so they save Pinkie Pie and Rarity in time. Again, how does a pony get wings?? All 3 of the guy ponies have wings (and apparently only whinny). Are they the fathers of ALL the ponies in the land? Wouldn't that be a little... cult-ish? Twilight, because she wasn't part of the pony sex cult, doesn't have wings and almost falls to her death. Applejack (NO WINGS!!) holds on to her, then tells her to let go. She promises if Twilight lets go, she'll be safe. Twilight lets go and Dash and Flutteryshy carry her to safety. Wow, thank goodness for Applejack's HONESTY.

They continue through the forest when a manticore, a half lion half dragon creature, gets in their way. It's angry, so obviously the first thing they should try to do is defend themselves. But Fluttershy keeps telling them to wait, and approaches the monster. She pulls a thorn out of its paw, even though she didn't know it was there. But her KINDNESS sure avoided some unnecessary deaths!

Disclaimer: While we here at SparkNotes admire Fluttershy's courage, we do NOT , under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, advise you to approach a fearsome beast with "kindness." Especially if it's a lion with dragon wings. Just slowly back away, call the nearest zoologist, and take a picture with the flash off, because none of your friends are going to believe you.

Okay, we're not even halfway into this episode. We need to pick up speed. A bunch of trees look scary, and Pinkie Pie uses LAUGHTER to get through them. There's also singing, it's kind of weird. A strange sea serpent has one side of his mustache accidentally cut off, so Rarity cuts off her tail in order to replace it. Even though it would make more sense (and look better) if they cut the other side so that the mustache is symmetrical, we'll just go with Rarity's GENEROSITY. A bunch of sketchy evil-looking ponies want Rainbow to join their flying group, but her LOYALTY to her friends (and not common sense) tells her to say "no."

They enter the castle ruins and come to five stone orbs on a pedestal. Given their name, I thought the elements would be flowers. Apparently, when the five are present, a spark will cause the sixth to be revealed. The rest of the ponies leave so Twilight can do her thang. Then the purple mist takes her and the stone orbs into a different castle. …I’m not even gonna touch that.

Princess Luna breaks the orbs and it feels like all hope is lost. But as it turns out, the elements of harmony were in the ponies the whole time!! Crazy, right?! The "spark" is apparently a metaphor for friendship and Twilight had the 6th element inside her: magic. They turn into Pony Sailor Moon and with their magic jewelry, defeat the "evil" pony, bring back the sun, and recover not-queen Celestia.

Celestia wants her little sister (who now looks cute, not evil) to work together with her. I am sorry, but Luna is NOT evil! She was neglected, misunderstood, and in a desperate plea for attention, was imprisoned for 1,000 years!! Why should she ask for forgiveness? But since she's DARK PURPLE, I guess that means she's EVIL. Racist.

Celestia has the "generosity" of allowing Luna to rule with her. And while she's ordering people around, how about commanding Twilight to stay in Ponyville and study the friendship of magic?

And, for the first time in history, the line "I'll study harder than ever before!" actually gets applause from people other than the person who said it.

I assume there will be more Sailor Moon-style crime fighting in other episodes, but how many villains can there be in a place called "Ponyville?" Then again, there were a lot of vampires in "Sunnydale." I guess we'll just have to wait until next week.

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