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12 Signs You're the Crazy Friend

12 Signs You're the Crazy Friend

We all have a crazy friend. For the sake of pronoun clarity, let's call this person Mallory, but she could easily be a guy. Mallory is really fun to be around. Perhaps almost too fun. She is always laughing and smiling, but when she's not, you all feel a little uneasy, kind of like you've made Regina George angry. Your friends whisper to each other, Has someone made Mallory angry? What is she going to do next? Is she going to cry? Or hit someone?

There's an old saying that every family has a crazy one. If you don't think your family has one, chances are, you're the crazy one. The same is true for groups of friends. So, if you are sitting here thinking, "How fortunate that my group of friends does not have a crazy one!" ...well, this article is for you.

Signs You're the Crazy Friend:

1. Your parents are a little afraid of you.

2. The Exorcist seems like your average Saturday night.

3. You think The Bachelor's Tierra is totally normal.

4. Sending a ransom note appeals to you.

5. After someone breaks up with you, he/she considers switching schools.

6. Same thing if one of your friends cancels plans with you.

7. You own more than one voodoo doll.

8. Actually, owning even one voodoo doll qualifies you for this list.

9. When you pick up a blunt object, people back away.

10. No one wants to play sports with you because you use it as an excuse to punch everyone.

11. You think you are in a relationship with someone from One Direction, and legitimately wonder why he hasn't accepted your Facebook relationship request.

12. You agree with all of these, and you still don't know what we're talking about.

Do you have a crazy friend? Do you suspect you might be the crazy friend? What's the weirdest thing an amigo has done to you?

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