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Weird Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine's Day Love Notes

Weird Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine's Day Love Notes

Expressing your feelings to your crush can be scary, especially if you're not sure your love is requited. But if you're ever going to step up and say something (or write something), there's no better time to do it than Valentine’s Day. Yes, it might be clichéd, but love is SO in the air on the 14th, and frankly, everyone's a bit more desperate to couple up that day. So complete our fill-in-the-blank valentines below, and send one to the person who makes your heart sing.

For the Crush You Watch From Afar

Dear (Crush's name),
We been going to (school name) for years now, and I finally want to get to (verb) you. I know we’ve only spent a little time together doing (lame school activity), but we seem to have so much in common, and it makes me want to (verb) and (another verb) at the same time. Our shared love of pizza, good books, and watching (the only USA network tv series that is cool) makes me think that maybe we could share love too, or maybe just a heart-shaped (meaty pizza topping) pizza. I keep having this (adjective) dream. In it, I am watching you from (place) and hoping you’ll take off your (item of clothing). Then you see me, you (verb), and you give me a (object). Since it is Valentine's Day, I wanted to ask if you'll make me the (adjective ending with -est) girl/boy in the world and tell me you want to get to (verb) me better too. Come find me, my (weird pet name); I will be watching you (if I'm not watching that (USA show from above).
(Your name)

For the Teacher You Are Not Allowed To Like
Dear Mr. (Crush's name)
Even though you are as old as my (male family member), I still find you totally (adjective), because you are so sweet and smart, and unlike guys my own age, you actually know about (cool thing older people know a lot about). I know we can never dance together, hold hands, or (other couply thing), but on Valentine’s Day, I wanted you to know I think you're (adjective). Tell your wife that she is the luckiest lady in the whole (place).

(Maybe put "anonymous" in this blank)

For Your Best Friend You Are Suddenly Crazy About
(Bestie's name),

We’ve always been (adjective) friends, but just now am I coming to realize what a (mushy adjective) guy/girl you are. Not only are you funny, smart, and (other great quality), but most importantly, you are my best friend. When we were hanging out in my room last week watching (your favorite Thursday NBC comedy), I couldn’t help but notice how cute your (facial feature) was when you smiled. I wanted to put my face near yours, or (verb) you with my (body part). I think and hope that you return my feelings. I notice the way you look at me when I am (verb) while wearing my (adjective) overalls. I would love to take our friendship to the next level and move from sharing bags of (your favorite kind of chips) on Friday nights, to going out to dinner and (verb) on the (piece of furniture) in my basement when my parents are sleeping.

(your nickname)

Leave your filled-out valentine in the comments!

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