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Send Us Your First Kiss Stories and You Could Be Featured on SparkLife!

Send Us Your First Kiss Stories and You Could Be Featured on SparkLife!

Have you had your first kiss? Was is the best? The worst? Did you barf and faint and then come to, only to barf again? Did you clank teeth? Were you on a beach at sunset? Did he taste like milk?

The dumb, the awful, the hilarious, the wonderful—we want to know your first kiss story, however it went.

Here is exactly what we need!:

-Well-written, proofread, thoughtful narratives that feature your best story telling skills.

-Stories under 600 words.

-A collection of stories that have a variety of tones—your narrative can be funny, sad, sweet, anything you want!

When you've written your story and feel great about it, e-mail it to your Sparkitors at We'll publish some of your stories in a special collection on SparkLife. (Note: This is separate from our self-publishing Sparkler post section. We want these to be polished and sent directly to us!)

Published Sparklers will be notified by email that they were handpicked by editors for a special online collection. They will receive adoration from the masses, infinite bragging rights, and a killer line on their college apps or  resume. (Yeah, we'd totally put it on there if we were you.)

So show us your stuff, Sparklers! With or without tongue! We're all jazzed up about your submissions.

Questions? Leave them in the comments and I'll write back!

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