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Who Should Be In The "Mean Girls" Musical?

Who Should Be In The "Mean Girls" Musical?

Ever since Tina Fey confirmed the Mean Girls musical, everyone and their cool mom have been scheming and dreaming the cast, and we're no exception. Here are our picks for the cast as well as a few numbers we'd like to be written into the score.

Cady Heron (originally Lindsay Lohan)... Anna Kendrick
Though she may be older than Lindsay Lohan, the youthful Anna Kendrick could play a high school student, no problem. She has the same innocent likability that Lilo had in the movie, and we already know the girl can sang.

Regina George (originally Rachel McAdams)... Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron was the ultimate beautiful mean girl in Glee, so why shouldn't she play the singing ruler of the Plastics? Besides we'd love to see her battling it out with someone other than Lea Michele for once.

Gretchen Wieners (originally Lacey Chabert)... Sarah Hyland

Actress (and singer?) Sarah Hyland nails mean and ditzy like no other as Haley Dunphy on Modern Family and we know she could bring the same bubbly energy to Gretchen Wieners. She'd be a great sidekick to Agron's George and with enough hairspray, her locks could be pumped full of secrets.

Karen Smith (originally Amanda Seyfried)... Amanda Seyfried
Why not have the ageless Seyfried (who killed it in both Les Miserables and Mamma Mia!)? We know she can carry a tune and it's hard to imagine anyone else giving the weather report with such impressive...eyes.

Aaron Samuels (originally Jonathan Bennett)... Harry Styles
In our musical version of Mean Girls, Aaron Samuels is a British exchange student and who better to play that role than the One Direction heartthrob? Plus, "Your face smells like peppermint!" will sound so much better with an English accent.

Janis Ian (originally Lizzy Caplan)... Jane Levy
Jane Levy possesses a similar dark dryness to Janis Ian in her role as Tessa on Suburgatory. Getting to play Ian will dim the darkness about six levels though and we'd be stoked to see the pretty redhead in goth makeup. Plus, Levy can sing the more mellowed-out tunes of the show... with a guitar.

Damian (originally Daniel Franzese)... Alex Newell
Alex Newell of The Glee Project and Glee would be perfect as the proud and sassy Damian. He'd rock Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful," which would obviously HAVE to make it into the musical. "Don't look at me!"

Ms. Norbury (originally Tina Fey)... Kristen Wiig
Tina Fey was perfect as the original Mrs. Norbury, but it'd be pretty refreshing to see the new queen of comedy teach some calculus and life lessons to Cady. We're not sure how great Wiig's musical chops are but we think she can handle a brief number about not playing dumb to attract cute (British) guys.

Mr. Duvall (originally Tim Meadows)... Neil Patrick Harris
We can only imagine a panicked Harris singing a fast-paced melodramatic song called "In the Gym Immediately!" after discovering the girls going wild in the hallways to what we could only hope would be an intensely choreographed dance routine called "School-Wide Discovery of the Burn Book." We'd also like to see the flirty relationship between Mrs. Norbury and Mr. Duvall evolve with a beautiful slow-paced love song that we know NPH could own like no other.

Mrs. George (originally Amy Poehler)... Amy Poehler
We love Poehler's Mrs. George so much that we'd like to see her reprise the role, and we don't even need to see Amy sing. A rap entitled "I'm A Cool Mom!" will suffice.

Kevin Gnapoor (originally Rajiv Surendra)... Dev Patel
Some might say they'd like to see Kevin G played by Aziz Ansari, but we'd sooner go for Patel, who proved he's skilled at learning choreography in the ending to Slumdog Millionaire.

So there you have it. You're welcome, Tina. We just did like, half of your work on this.

Who would you cast in a Mean Girls musical?

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