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Nerdy Valentines!

By Janet Manley Feb 5, 2013

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It's almost February 14. Know what that means? We are almost 280 days out from "Catching Fire"!!! Oh, and also, love. Paper love, flower love, emoji love, or, if you're like us, nerd love. But how to tell that S.O. that they're awesome-squared? Why, with a deftly worded card, sourced from our interwebs and printed through the technology of your choice. Onto the cards!!!

Topics: Life
Tags: nerds, slideshows, couples, valentines, valentine's day 2013, nerdy valentines

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Janet is the offspring of a mid-sized kangaroo and a stately gum tree. She grew up under a hole in the ozone layer, which probably means she can survive in outer space. She tweets @janetmanley

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