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Happy Birthday, Darren Criss!

Happy Birthday, Darren Criss!

Darren Criss turned 26 today! While we wait for our invitation to his birthday party to find us (we're sure it got lost in the mail, along with his replies to all 3 dozen of our fan letters), we've put together this brief ( and completely factual) history of our favorite StarKid.February 5, 1987: Darren is born in San Francisco, CA. The world rejoice, and the entire population celebrates by breathing in sync for a whole minute.

1992: The gifted wonder boy begins taking violin lessons!

1997: Darren gets accepted to American Conservatory Theater in SF and makes his stage debut with 42nd Street Moon's Fanny.

2002: The future StarKid begins writing his own music.

2005: Darren graduates from Saint Ignatius College Prepatory and becomes a legal adult. Presumably, he doesn't care much about this since he came of age in the Wizarding World the prior year.

2005-2009: He attends the University of Michigan, founding StarKid and therefore increasing Total World Awesomeness by 20%. During this time, he also receives a $100 tip from Alan Menken for performing acoustic at a coffee shop.

April and June 2009: Darren stars as Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical. In June, StarKid blesses the world by putting the musical on YouTube. And there was much rejoicing.

May 2010: He reprises his role as Harry in A Very Potter Sequel, for which he wrote all the music.

July 2010: He releases an EP called Human.

November 2010: Darren makes his first appearance as Blaine Anderson on Glee.

2011: Darren continues to do cool stuff, appearing in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" video and various TV shows.

June 2011: He appears on YouTube speaking in Italian (which he's fluent in). Every girl in the entire world swoons (even though some of them don't know why).

January 2012: Darren begins his role in the Broadway show How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, replacing other Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.

September 2012: He appears in his first film, Girl Most Likely, which is so far only out in Canada. Which is basically a legitimate reason to move there. He also did a script reading of A Very Potter Senior Year.

Now: Partying, being Blaine Anderson, and waiting for the YouTube release of A Very Potter Senior Year. And also probably day-dreaming of us.

Happy Birthday, Darren Criss!

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