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What's Your Battlestar Galactica Pilot Name?

What's Your Battlestar Galactica Pilot Name?

Oh, the wonders you find thanks to streaming television. My family’s latest discovery is Battlestar Galactica. It’s got evil robots that look like humans, crazy relationships, intense action, a gorgeous cast, and spaceships. What more could you ask for in a sci-fi show? And everyone knows the pilots are the coolest people on the Galactica, so you should probably figure out your name, along with your rank, callsign, and position. Then you can get out there and fight some toasters!

Rank: Choose the rank that corresponds to your favorite song from Disney’s Hercules.

“Go the Distance”: Lieutenant

“Zero to Hero”: Captain

“I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)”: Ensign

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Karl/Marcia

Taurus: Paolo/Sharon

Gemini: Brendan/Diana

Cancer: Troy/Louanne

Leo: Noel/Kara

Virgo: Sam/Becca

Libra: Tucker/Rosemary

Scorpio: Lee/ Lyla

Sagittarius: Oliver/Erika

Capricorn: Alex/Melinda

Aquarius: Jarrell/Emma

Pisces: Cole/Liz

Callsign: Choose a callsign from the list of four that corresponds to the day of the month your mother was born. (Callsigns are pretty much gender-neutral.)

1: Guy, Sandman, Dash, Buster

2: Deadbolt, Rocket, Star Cloud, Flea

3: Winger, Snaps, Helo, Tailgate

4: Slick, Husker, Flim-Flam, Bingo

5: Carousel, Sleeper, Athena, Snitch

6: Buzzer, Flat Top, Doom, Headcase

7: Polo, Bambit, Whiplash, Shooter

8: Catbird, Spooky, BB, Starbuck

9: Grayshirt, Dipper, Toothbrush, Hyper

10: Terra, Boomer, Playboy, Chuckles

11: Trip, Anvil, Snicker, Bash

12: Buttermilk, Rock Star, Crash, Frosty

13: Wally, Creeper, Redwing, Falcon

14: Ranger, Dune, Sonny, Wedge

15: Lefty, Beano, Sniper, Jo-Jo

16: Karma, Hotshot, Flyboy, Chinstrap

17: Puppet, Strakus, Gonzo, Hammerhead

18: Famous, Longshot, Ice Cap, Swordsman

19: Hex, Greenback, Sharky, Butch

20: Racetrack, Singer, Bubba, Rebel

21: Nuke, Stinger, Bobo, Hooper

22: Joker, Honey Bear, Blindspot, Ninja

23: Spender, Narcho, Rash, Caveman

24: Gumball, Spiceman, Flash, Spinner

25: Thumper, Kingston, Fireball, Beetle

26: Fuzzy, Beehive, Hiccup, T-Bone

27: Pookie, Duck, Tough Guy, Bones

28: Red Devil, Scary, Kat, Sheppard

29: Hot Dog, Digger, Snake, Brakes

30: Hardball, Bulldog, Skulls, Moe

31: Chopper, Showboat, Apollo, Stig

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the landmark you’d most like to visit.

Eiffel Tower: Costanza

Big Ben: Adama

Sydney Opera House: McKay

Statue of Liberty: Anders

Great Wall of China: Valerii

Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: Thrace

Taj Mahal: Edmondson

Stonehenge: Agathon

The Colosseum: Spencer

Other: Finnegan

Position: Choose the position that corresponds to your favorite song from Anastasia.

“Rumor in St. Petersburg”: Viper pilot

“Once Upon a December”: Raptor pilot

“Learn to Do It”: Raptor ECO (Electronic Countermeasures Officer)

Post by Sydney Scott, AKA Lieutenant Lyla “Racetrack” Adama, Viper Pilot!

What's your BSG name?

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