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Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 1

Blogging My Little Pony: Episode 1

It's happened, Sparklers. I've gone off the deep end. For too long I've stood on the cliff on sanity, and today I decided to jump off... by watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And I liked it.

How did this happen?? The whole show is basically a talking coloring book! And yet after the first episode, I wanted to watch more! Maybe we can pinpoint my descent into madness by dissecting the pilot.

Episode 1: Friendship is Magic, Part 1

The pilot starts out with a story within the story. Two pony princess sisters rule Equestria (bonus points for the clever name). The older sister, Princess Celestia, brings the sun up, while the younger sister, Princess Luna, controls the moon. All in all, life is good and there's balance and peace and whatnot. That is until Luna-loo sees that the other ponies have fun in the sun, and sleep at night. This makes her upset because no one seems to notice or care that she's working the night shift. That's why she decides to keep the moon up all night and all day and basically forever. This is a problem for the ponies, because who ever heard of having fun at night? The older sister gets the "elements of harmony" to trap Little Luna in the moon. Now that the lonely Luna is imprisoned, princess Celestia takes care of both sun and moon.

Twilight Sparkle, the main unicorn/pony (and a term for a tween girl who wears too much makeup in order to look like a vampire), is reading this tale of two sisters. The bad perfume slogan "elements of harmony" sounds familiar to her, so she runs home to her books and her Spike. Spike is a baby dragon who I guess is Twlight's assistant? Confidante? Pet? Well, whatever he is, he's crashing at Twilight's place, so the least he can do is find the book with the harmony elements phrase. Twilight reads on to discover that the "Mare in the Moon" will escape on the longest day of the thousandth year. And wouldn't you know, that oddly precise day is tomorrow, during the Summer Sun Celebration! What are the odds?!

Which leads me to my first question: After a thousand years, Princess Celestia isn't a queen? Really? What's the hold up? I don't think there's a ruling queen now, and the only male in the area is Spike, so why is she still a princess? Anyway, Twilight tries to warn the princess of the legend, but she says it's just a "pony tale" (which I thought was a lame substitute for "old wive's tale" until I figured out the joke) and Twilight needs to calm the flicker down. Because when it's the possible end of the world, the best way to cope is by telling the bookworm to lighten up.

Celestia is my favorite character as of now, simply because she has a superb vocabulary. Now THAT is how you subtly explain to kiddies what "precipice" means! She sends Twilight and Spike into Ponyville (a region in Equestria) to get the Summer Celebration Thingy ready and to make friends. Twilight is an independent woman who doesn't need socialization! However, learning how to interact with others is a necessary skill, so I'll let it slide this time.

Now we meet Applejack, the pony equivalent of Jessie from Toy Story. She and her family are apple-obsessed. They're all named after apples and have apple-food-product tattoos. I guess it kind of makes sense, 'cause she's a horse, but still it's a little much. Then there's Rainbow Dash, a pony who can fly and has inexplicable control of the weather. Which leads me to my second question: how come some ponies can fly while others can't? Seems a bit unfair. Can you earn the power of flight? I want some!

Then we meet Rarity, a fashionista pony with an awesome accent, and Fluttershy, who's like the quiet choir kid in Middle School who only talked when you were discussing a certain topic—in Fluttershy's case, baby dragons. And then there's Pinkie Pie... the spaz. All these ponies want to make friends with our little Twilight (well, except Fluttershy; she's mainly in it for the dragon). They even throw her a surprise welcome party. But Twilight says she doesn't have time to make friends, because life as they know it will end at dawn. But hey, at least the party had cupcakes.

Well, wouldn't you know it, it turns out Celestia was right all along, and the "evil" Mare in the Moon just becomes the Mare. Princess Luna has taken her older sister somewhere, and darkness will rein forever!!! I assume the whole series leads up to the present day, but we'll have to wait 'til next week to find out.

Now even though I didn't expect much from a kid's show, I actually enjoyed MLP. It's definitely for little girls who don't pay attention to the story, but just look at the preeetty pooonies. The animation gave me a headache with all the bright colors, and there are far too many mysteries that they'll probably never solve in depth because it's a kid show. But for some reason, I found it acceptable. Maybe it was the script, maybe it was the voice acting, but I am actually excited for the next episode.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the news so I can feel like an adult again.

Did you watch the first episode along with Ricki? What did you think?

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