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Are You the Messiest, Most Disorganized Sparkler Ever? PROVE IT.

Are You the Messiest, Most Disorganized Sparkler Ever? PROVE IT.

This post was inspired by the hilarious comments you left on my Spectacular Sparkitor Desk Slideshow, which are best summed up in the simple, succinct words of T-Rex11:  "WOW YOUR DESKS ARE NEAT. My desk looks like a library and a laboratory exploded on it."

That comment got me thinking...if your desks are that messy, what does the rest of your room look like? Is your closet a pit of despair? Is your locker in need of a major makeover? Does your bathroom look like the hygiene aisle at the grocery store barfed all over it? Is your backpack a black hole of homework, Cheez-its, and half-written love notes to Dan Bergstein?

FABULOUS. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS HOPING YOU'D SAY. Because I just so happen to have an amazing idea, Sparklebutts: I want you to send me pics of your disastrously untidy, desks, rooms, and closets, because I'm going to hand them over to a REAL, LIVE ORGANIZATION EXPERT. Her name is Jessica Ferguson, and she not only happens to be the founder of the brand-new company Organized Interiors, she also happens to be one of my very best friends (and she looks like a supermodel, and she's hilarious, and she's so nice it hurts, but we shouldn't hold those things against her). I begged her to help you, my darling, hapless, disorderly dears, by sharing her tried-and-true tips on how you can easily (and cheaply!) turn even the worst mess into a beautiful oasis of cleanliness, and she, like the angel she is, AGREED.

So here's what I need from you:

1. Your most nightmarish pics of organization gone wrong (attach them to your emails as jpegs please, and try to make the photos as focused and clear as possible; tiny, blurry pics probably won't be included in the slideshow!)

2. Your username (unless you'd like to remain anonymous)

3. A short caption about what's shown in the pic

4. And, if you so desire, a few specific questions for Jess to answer, like "how can I organize my makeups other than by throwing them into a trash bag?" or "The sight of my desk reduces me to a heap of tears and sweat. HALP?"

In two weeks, I'll put them everything a giant slideshow along with Jess' advice, and VOILA: your rooms, and your lives, shall be forever transformed.

DOESN'T THIS SOUND FUN?! You can email everything to me right HERE with the subject line "organization slideshow." I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW DISGUSTINGLY MESSY YOU ARE!

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