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An Open Letter to Certain Girls on My School's Dance Team

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An Open Letter to Certain Girls on My School's Dance Team

Note: This is not meant to offend anyone involved in dance team.  This directed only at the girls I and my fellow choir girls overheard in the school bathroom today. This is not meant to stereotype anyone group of people. I just need to rant.

Dear dance team girls who were in the bathroom the same time as me today,

Did you realize many choir girls happened to be in the bathroom right in front of your eyes today? Did you realize that if you speak at normal volume we can hear you loud and clear, especially with ears like ours? Did you know that we exist?

Did you know that, even if you did know the previous information mentioned, you gave us the impression you didn't, or that you chose to ignore it if you did?

Did anyone ever teach you proper, human etiquette? Did you realize said etiquette included not a) rudely insulting others around you b) judging something before you have any knowledge of what you judge and c) unrealistically comparing real life to films, just to name a few?

Would you consider outright making fun of your school's choirs (IN FRONT OF MEMBERS OF SAID CHOIRS) with a saying such as, "Well, they're not Pitch Perfect but I guess they're OKAY. . . ", and then proceeding to praise Pitch Perfect and Glee as though those groups could never achieve such greatness?

You do realize Pitch Perfect and Glee are both fictional, don't you?

Do realize how incredibly ignorant, unaware, and flat-out rude you were today? Can't you see we all want to smash your faces into a wall, but had the decency to keep it at the bare minimum of scowling?

Can you read music? Can you set up sound gear? Can you match pitches? Can you perfectly shape your vowels? Can you balance your sound with that of the people around you? Can you avoid caffeine like the plague before rehearsal and performances because it dries out your vocal cords? Can you vary your dynamics? Can you breathe in four only for seconds and breathe out for twenty-four? Oh, and can you do all this, and more, while still dancing?

Can you act like decent human beings, meaning not like today in the bathroom? Is that too much to ask?

Sincerely hoping you becoming less ignorant,

The choir girls who shared a bathroom with you today

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