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@PunxsutawneyPhil's Groundhog Day Twitter Feed

@PunxsutawneyPhil's Groundhog Day Twitter Feed

By Janet Manley

Saturday is GROUNDHOG DAY, which means Punxsutawney Phil—or an intern he's not paying—will be LIVE TWEETING his pillow face and winter bloat in the milky morning air of Pennsylvania. If he sees his shadow, we've got six more weeks of Snuggies; if he comes out of his burrow and is like "HERKK—what are all these people doing here, and also today looks overcast," then we are due for an early spring, yo! We cover both possibilities.

I slept for four months and all I got was this lousy top hat.

#FF @PotholePete @WhartonWillie

Honk if you're hibernating

You say "tomato," I say "marmot."

You have been Punxt

It is *how long* until next Hunger Games?! #back2bed

Because shadow.

How much wood can a woodchu—nope, not feeling it #back2bed

My bikini body isn't ready for spring! #back2bed

I'm in the middle of a GoT marathon. Come back in six weeks.

The shadow knows!

Mary-Kate Olsen is marrying WHO?!

<3 Bill Murray


Not just a hat rack. Also a meteorological barometer.

You think sleeping all winter is bad, trying sleeping in headgear. #bucktoothed

Why did you let me sleep in?!

Did I win Powerball?

Maj case of bed hair.

This beaver is coming in for a LANDING #landbeaver

Spring breaaaaak!

This neighborhood is way too trendy.


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