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Something Wicked This Way Comes-the Winner of the Villain Bracket!

By Kathryn_Williams Jan 31, 2013

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Sparkler villaphiles, this bracket just might be the end of you. Seriously, are you sitting down? Because the winner of the Villain Bracket is going to explode your head like a piñata full of apple sauce. It's going to drop you to your knees, slack-jawed with wonder and delight AND dismay and disbelief. You will tell your kids about this bracket. It might make you freak out like Hermione on mind-altering mushrooms. If you record your reaction and put it on YouTube and then claim you were just "acting," it might win you an Oscar. I guarantee, it will make you count all of the comment votes yourself—three times. (Have fun.)

Are you ready for this jelly? Like, for real? Because there's no going back. Okay, I warned you. The winner of the SparkLife Villain Bracket by ONE (yes, ONE) vote is....

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