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Something Wicked This Way Comes-the Winner of the Villain Bracket!

Sparkler villaphiles, this bracket just might be the end of you. Seriously, are you sitting down? Because the winner of the Villain Bracket is going to explode your head like a piñata full of apple sauce. It's going to drop you to your knees, slack-jawed with wonder and delight AND dismay and disbelief. You will tell your kids about this bracket. It might make you freak out like Hermione on mind-altering mushrooms. If you record your reaction and put it on YouTube and then claim you were just "acting," it might win you an Oscar. I guarantee, it will make you count all of the comment votes yourself—three times. (Have fun.)

Are you ready for this jelly? Like, for real? Because there's no going back. Okay, I warned you. The winner of the SparkLife Villain Bracket by ONE (yes, ONE) vote is....

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