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Love letter to Bed

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Love letter to Bed

Dear my beloved Bed,

This is hard for me to say. Very hard. But I cannot see you anymore. Please, do not cry as it will only make me cry harder as I type this up on the laptop. It is simply, Bed, that I do not have time for you anymore. I still love you. I really do. Whatever little time I spend with you, I do not want to let you go. I hug you as long as possible until time and strong arms forcefully pull me away from your comfort. And for your own safety, it is best that our relationship comes to a close today. 

Life has become dangerous. I do not even know if I will live as the trials are being piled onto me right now so this might even be the last you hear from me. But I will live in bravado to the very end. When times get tough, I remember the softness of your touch against my skin, the silence you whisper to my ears, and your warmth in my coldest times. You give me hope and strength. And I will never give up the fact that one day we will once again be reunited as one and never leave each other's sides forever.

With the greatest love,


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