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What Your Favorite Elective Says About You

What Your Favorite Elective Says About You

You've already endured the headache and agony of picking what you'll be doing aside from the usual Math, Science, and English this semester. But your elective selection (which is almost a tongue twister!) says a lot about your personality. Here's what it all means.

If you chose...

Your intelligence and perseverance help you succeed not only in music, but in life. Plus, you're too smart to let the term "band geek" stop you. You love to perform and you can make any outfit, even faux-military uniforms with many brass buttons, look great. You want to create lots of great memories of high school. And your mind is sharp. You know that learning music, rhythm, and coordinated footwork helps your brain. You'll be surprised how band skills can trickle into every part of your life.

Culinary Arts
You have sophisticated taste and are good with your hands. You're creative and can solve problems under pressure. (You can turn just about any ingredient into a meal, after all.) Your confidence in this class has made you better at contributing and participating at home and school. You ruled the bake sale, and your friends love to come over and eat your home cooking. You could be the next big restaurant owner or chef, but please, we beg of you, when you're famous and fancy, don't forget the greatness that is mozzarella sticks.

Music Appreciation
You're laid-back and happy-go-lucky. Your friends like your ability to enjoy art without claiming yourself an expert. You love history and music, so why not take a course that combines both? You never know where your interests might take you, so don't take things too easy, okay? You probably read this in a coffee shop.

You love knowing how things work and applying school lessons to your everyday life. You may also love telling people, "Do you know how much sugar is in that?" And it's OK to want to help others. You could change the world! You may already be a science nut, but taking this class has made you more health-conscious. This could be the beginning of a career in medicine. Make sure that you're obsession with health science doesn't lead to hypochondria and you're golden.

Web Design
You are innovative, inventive, and meticulous. Since you're also a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, homework assignments can take a long time to complete. Everything needs to be perfect! Getting the best end result is important, but be sure to take breaks—all that sitting could be detrimental to your health! Also, you believe we're living in The Matrix and keep trying to prove it.

You are a good judge of character and are more observant of the world around you than most of your friends. You feel like everywhere is your place to tell it like it is. You're extremely honest, sometimes to fault. You may already be an excellent writer or photographer, but remember there's always room for growth. Also—while a good reporter always reports the facts, being 100% honest with friends can lead to gallons of drama.

You're fashion-forward, style-conscious, and creative. You always want to stand out. Why even leave the house if no one will look at you? You were the talk of the school for weeks after you showed up to prom in an original dress you designed and made. Your skills in this class could help launch your career to becoming a killer fashion designer, DIY royalty, or a fierce stylist. But while you're finished products are dazzling, your workspace is a mess—a wonderful, creative mess.

What's your favorite elective?

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