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Rupert Grint's New Movie Trailer Leaves Us Cold (In a Good Way)

Rupert Grint's New Movie Trailer Leaves Us Cold (In a Good Way)

We’ve all been waiting to see what Rupert Grint would do after the Harry Potter franchise concluded, and while he didn’t take our brilliant, thoughtful advice, he is staying in front of the camera as seen in the new trailer for Into the White.

The movie looks intense, with WWII British and German soldiers forced to work and survive together in the harsh winter wilderness. There’s plenty of drama, yelling, accents, and snow. Check out the trailer and try overlook the lack of wands and Hagrids.

So are you ready for a Post-Potter Rupert? Will he be able to rise to the same level of fame as Daniel Radcliffe and Hermione Watson?

Judging by this brief glimpse, he certainly seems to have the acting ability, and playing a desperate man in the wild may be the perfect role for Grint. Who knows? He could be the next (red-headed) Liam Neeson. Our expectations are cautiously high for this movie.

But will Rupert always play a good, nice guy? (Granted, he might become a total maniac in this movie. Hard to tell from the trailer. And we haven't seen his other non-Potter movies.) Should he ignore the heroic roles and try something different?

What other roles would we like to see Grint tackle? We want him to break free of any type casting. Let’s see the gritty Grint. Here are some suggestions for his next gig. Pick your favorite and we’ll send the results to Hollywood!

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