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6 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is The Worst, According To Renowned Jennifer Lawrence Expert

6 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is The Worst, According To Renowned Jennifer Lawrence Expert

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The internet changed the world because it gave everyone a chance to voice their opinion in an open forum. It changed our relationships, how we run our businesses, how we get our news, and the amount of time we "waste" looking at adorable cat photos. For the most part, that's a good thing. But sometimes someone get ups on their soapbox when they should really just SIT DOWN. Say, this person, on Yahoo Answers. In this thorough slaying of Jennifer Lawrence, she outlines the reason she haaaaates hates hates the nice, pretty actress she doesn't even know who is in lots of blockbuster movies and is probably going to win an Oscar. We think someone has been bitten by the green monster of jealousy!

According to the anonymous commentator, it's obvious that Jennifer Lawrence is the worst. It's all because of...

The way she looks. “She looks EXACTLY like this horrible horrible snobby girl in my school, so that's a huge reason why."

Her breasts. “In most of her pictures, Half of her breasts are flaunted around. It's not THAT big of a deal, but i mean, seriously, who shows off half of her breasts for the whole world to see in a provocative dress and pose? Sluts do. She is half naked or in a provocative 'dress' in ALMOST all of her pictures. Seriously, just google Jennifer Lawrence and you'll find at least a dozen pictures of her being slutty and half naked.”

The face part of her. “She's also ugly, Who would even find her half attractive WITHOUT her make-up on? Most of my friends think she's ugly too. To me, she doesn't look like anything special without her make-up on. I'm not saying everybody needs make-up to look pretty.”

Her Hunger Games Style. “She looked REALLY bad in the Hunger Games. Her stylists did horrible jobs."

The fact that she was even cast in The Hunger Games. “I just think that they made a HUGE mistake casting her, I mean there are HUNDREDS of actors who could portray Katniss just as well as she did or most likely even better!”

Her vibes. “There's also just SOMETHING about her that i just hate about her. Have you ever hated a person for no reason? I have some reasons but there's just Something about her that i just don't like.”

The commentator closes with a philosophic question:

“My question is, " Can i get over my hatred towards her, and if i can, how? Why do people like her? Why does she dress like a prostitute?Is it wrong that i hate her because she acts and looks like my #1 enemy? Do you hate or like her and why? P.S This is MY opinion, SO PLEASE DON'T INSULT. I RESPECT AND UNDERSTAND THAT SOME PEOPLE DO FIND HER ATTRACTIVE AND NICE. Again, This is my opinion. I'm sorry if my opinion offended you in any way.”

A little help, for our opinionated little friend, Dear Sparklers?

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