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Which Deep Sea Creature Are You?

Which Deep Sea Creature Are You?

Are you sick of those tired old quizzes that identify which color or Disney princess or dog breed or Twilight character you are? Are you ready for a quiz that will bravely and accurately shine a light onto the dark and secret recesses of your soul? Well, here it is. Which Deep Sea Creature Are You. Answer, if you dare.

1. You like your atmosphere to be:
a. Inky.
b. Obsidian.
c. Dark as Voldemort's heart.
d. Blacker than a starless night.
e. Stygian.

2. Your favorite meal is:
a. Squid Vinadloo.
b. Shellfish Carcass Soufflé.
c. Plankton Salad (mayo-based, not vinegar).
d. Chili-Crusted Bacteria with Horseradish Sauce.
e. Copepod Crêpes.

3. Your favorite movie is:
a. Jaws.
b. The Little Mermaid.
c. Finding Nemo.
d. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.
e. The Squid and the Whale.

4. You hang out at/in/on:
a. the outer continental shelf.
b. Japan.
c. the pelagic zone.
d. near hydrothermal vents.
e. the Oxygen Minimum Zone.

5. Your favorite pastime is:
a. Gliding.
b. Walking.
c. Swimming.
d. Slurping.
e. Squirting.

6. Which compliment are you most likely to receive?
a. You are so old.
b. Wow, you've got legs up to your neck!
c. You have a really fearsome smile.
d. You suck.
e. My, what big eyes you have.

If you answered mostly A's, you are a Frilled Shark.

If you answered mostly B's, you are a Giant Spider Crab.

If you answered mostly C's, you are a Fangtooth Fish.

If you answered mostly D's, you are a Giant Tube Worm.

If you answered mostly E's, you are a Vampire Squid.

What would you do if you encountered one of these guys?

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