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Quiz: Judging by Your Personality, Which City Are You?

Quiz: Judging by Your Personality, Which City Are You?

Laid back? Cutting-edge cool? Obsessed with questionnaires? Take this quiz to find out which US city best matches your personality.

1. What’s your favorite color?

a. Sea-foam green. Also: Traffic-light green.
b. Snowpocalypse silver.
c. Is it basketball season or football season?
d. Heather gray, like the Sunday afternoon sky. My heart hurts.
e. Personal space.
f. White everything. It looks best with my tan.

2. How late do you stay up?

a. I’d be in bed earlier if it didn’t take me so long to get home.
b. Why, where’s everyone going tonight?
d. I have three more albums to listen to before I can even think about bedtime.
e. No sleep. No.
f. 8:00 AM—after I watch the sunrise on the beach.

3. Tell me about your style.

a. Ultra-current. Relaxed yet polished. Gorgeous. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up. I can’t even keep up.
b. It’s not about what you wear, it’s about what you bring to the table.
c. Is it basketball season or football season?
d. Flannel before flannel was in. And after it’s out.
e. Whatever I want—I am literally (!) the center of the fashion universe. I mean, after Tokyo. They’ve got it going on.
f. Sexy-cool, from the beach to the party. That's right: I got to go to a party.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

a. Actor. Style consultant. And I’ve been grown.
b. Advertising exec.
d. Whatever happens, happens!
e. Oh, you know, financier—plus a freelance writer, artist, food critic, travel writer, and photographer on the side. I don’t sleep, remember? I can make this work.
f. Music industry by day, street artist by night. Or vice versa.

5. What’s your advice on the meaning of life?

a. Always go to the beach—but never in the water.
b. Friends and good times get you through this cold and windy existence.
c. Tom Brady’s eyes.
d. That’s what I’ve been asking. No one listens to me.
e. Coffee-fueled hard work and play until your last breath.
f. Sun. Art. Dance parties. Repeat.

If you answered mostly a’s: Hello, Los Angeles, you icon of magnificent style and chill! In the three hours a day you’re not on the road trying to get someplace else, you’re showing the rest of the world the meaning of cool.

If you answered mostly b’s: You’re Chicago. You’re big-hearted and substantial. People sometimes overlook you in favor of your flashier friends—or just use your place as a cross-country layover—but once they get to know you, they realize you are a force to be reckoned with. You’re laid back, always with a focus on your friends. And hot dogs.

If you answered mostly c’s: BOSTON, BABY. We both know I don’t have to say another word.

If you answered mostly d’s: Cheer up, Seattle, you soft-hearted sweetie. I hear there will be a sixth day of sunshine this year.

If you answered mostly e’s: No sleep till Brooklyn—you’re New York. You’re the whirring epicenter of your world. You’re pretty sure you’ve got the best ideas first and the sharpest fashion always and that the whole world is watching. Except Tokyo. Dammit, Tokyo!

If you answered mostly f’s: Welcome to Miami: you’re worldly, creative, and fun. You know the scene, you know how to see and be seen, and you always show everyone a good time, no matter who you’re with. (Seattle.)

Soooo, which city are you?

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